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Call of Duty: World at War

version: pal (it) - year: 2008 - developer: treyarch - publisher: activision - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: near mint - rarity: common

Sadly, the italian version only comes with spanish and no english language option. One would expect that with the storage capacity of blu-ray discs, playing games in their original language wouldn't be an issue, but apparently it is.


Tank battles are especially entertaining as well as the cynical ending of the game and the nazi zombies minigame which you get once you complete the singleplayer!

Review - Developed by Treyarch, World at War is the 5th instalment in theCall of Duty (CoD) series and it feels like a return to the origins.

Maybe it’s the WW2 setting, which has always been associated with the series, or maybe it’s just how the game plays, but WaW doesn’t feel nearly as fresh as its predecessor Modern Warfare.

It shares the same 3D engine, improving upon it and the graphics certainly look competent. The rain is especially well done and the wet-effect on the weapons looks gorgeous but...it is just not enough. The feeling of déjà vu is a bit of a throwback, and the fact that you follow two distinct plots breaks down the continuity of the action.

On the American front, you fight as an American soldier against Japanese forces and on the European front, you are part of the red army and fight against the Germans. Sometimes, the story is so disjointed that it almost feels like a collection of multiplayer maps.

Also, there is no real sense of progression because all the weapons you collect are automatically replaced by others as soon as you start the next mission. To be honest, this is a bit the problem of the franchise though.

Luckily, some variety in the missions is introduced in the form of tank battles which are very fun. Shooting down enemy vessels from an airplane also provides some extra flavor to the otherwise generic on-foot missions.

The all out assaults on enemy forces are nicely done though, and they do give an idea of a total conflict, chaotic and savage. Blood, dismemberment, cries of agony...war is nasty, but when you fight for worthy ideals and your own survival, I guess the horror becomes more bearable.

On a side note, the ending is probably worth a playthrough of the entire game, as well as the astonishing soundtrack which works as a multiplier for the general mood and atmosphere the game transmits.

Bottom line: In the end, despite the fact it came after Modern Warfare, WaW isn’t nearly as good, although it still represents a solid if a bit derivative playing experience, in pure CoD tradition. 7/10










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