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Assassin's Creed

version: pal (it), ltd edition w/figure - year: 2007 - developer: ubisoft montréal - publisher: ubisoft - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

The historical setting is intruiguing and accurate while enemies speak several languages like English, French, German, Arabic and Jewish. A true melting pot!


Gently push aside villagers and citizens to make room in the crowded streets


When you are spotted, look out for hiding spots and try to break your enemie's line-of-sight


The leap of faith is very spectacular and allows you to quickly dissappear if guards are after you. Your name is Altair, and means 'bird' in arabic for a good reason ;)

Review - Ever wanted to be a stealthy hooded assassin, ready to take the unaware lives of the corrupted by plunging your hidden blade into their exposed neck?

In Assassin’s Creed (AC), Ubisoft Montréal will let you do just that and many other things. Set during the time of the Third Crusade, you’ll be sent from Damascus to Jerusalem to gather clues about your targets, investigate their whereabouts and ultimately take their lives.

While wandering around beautifully constructed cities, you’ll witness the truly astonishing architectonic variety, with towering cathedrals, minarets and synagogues which will be facing one another into the various districts of the cities. And you will have to climb them, to reach vital viewpoints which will allow you to locate important clues for your investigations, unlocking submissions such as interrogations, pick-pocketing and the likes.

While walking into the cities, some of which resplendent like Damascus, and other more modest like Acre, you might notice the fascinating remains of a roman aqueduct while you’ll come across streets bursting with lives, where people will just move about their business in a very convincing and natural way. Start behaving strangely by doing unnecessary jumps, or push people around and you’ll attract their attention and that of the guards as well…

AC is most definitely a very well crafted game, ripe with atmosphere and full of interesting moments. It is most definitely a game which uses the potential of next-gen consoles with its beautiful graphics, convincing characters acting and great production values. The expansive landscape in which you can freely travel on foot or riding a horse seems to promise so much adventure and variety but in the end, what you end up doing is really more of the same.

The full potential of AC’s world is not really unleashed since the missions’ structure gets repetitive quickly. Luckily, the intriguing (although at times unnecessarily mind-bending) sci-fi story and the excellent audio-visuals will provide a good incentive to hold onto the pad throughout.

Ubisoft started a new franchise with a lot of ambition and interesting ideas in place, and this first chapter of what should be a trilogy is good but yet not perfect.

The PS3 version also suffers from some annoying bugs as the game freezed on me about 6 or 7 times forcing me to reboot.

Hopefully the next chapter will be more daring though, achieving a true leap of faith into the unknown and not just rely on familiar territory.

Bottom line: A beautiful game with an unmatched atmosphere, only hindered by the repetive missions. 8/10














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