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version: pal (it) - year: 2009 - developer: raven - publisher: activision - format: ps3, blu-ray disc - condition: mint - rarity: common

The cover artwork is terrifyingly bad...


Some enemies require you to hit certain spots in order to be defeated, or else they are invincible.


Use your Veil powers to uncover secret paths. Recharge your spiritual meter by walking onto these glowing ponds. It can be tiring to play entire levels with the veil turned on though. The altered color palette isn't as good as the normal one.


This guy is fast and powerful.It's better to shoot him from far away as much as you can before getting into close-quarter combat.


This other one has the annoying habit of generating protective shields around soldiers which are with him. While shielded, the soldiers can't get hit. So play hide and seek and try to kill him to then clean up the scene.

Review - Eight years after Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the series is back with this sequel coded by veteran FPS software house Raven.

If you are expecting some wacky plot in which Nazis and supernatural powers happily coexist, maybe sprinkled with some female S&M outfits for good measure, then you’ll feel right at home here.

Wolfenstein definitely keeps the atmosphere of the previous installment intact while adding a few fashionable things such a city hub from which you can undertake main and side missions, a powers system similar to Prey, and a weapons and powers upgrade system similar to Far Cry 2.

All the ideas seen in Wolfenstein are not new, but the mix is actually enjoyable especially if you frame it within competent graphics, and convincing voice acting.

The singleplayer campaign length is decent too although I couldn’t find anybody on multiplayer to start a game, which is a bit sad.

All in all, I had a blast playing Wolfenstein, and I warmly recommend it you are looking for an entertaining singleplayer FPS with nice audio-visuals and solid gameplay. Just don’t expect to be blown away by new ideas because you won’t find anything here that you haven’t seen elsewhere.

Bottom line: excellent FPS but with derivative gameplay ideas. Still a lot of fun, especially if you are not yet burnt out by FPSs in general. 8,5/10










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