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Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine

version: pal (de), collector's edition - year: 2011 - developer: relic - publisher: THQ - format: ps3, blu-ray disc - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

Based on the table-top miniature war-game


The Collector's Edition is really awesome, it includes a very nice hard-cover color artbook, a soundtrack CD, some cards and an emblem.


Finishing moves give you back some health and look epic


Combat up-close using the chainsaw, the axe or the hammer is very satisfying and feels weighty


Time to grind some meat, I just hope you like it green!


It's better to kill these guys quickly or they will keep on summoning enemy waves


The hammer is so powerful that when equipped, access to some of your firepower is restricted


Damn, this guy must be real high, look at his eyes!


You'll be given the opportunity to use the Jetpack in some levels. It is really empowering and allows for some spectacular attacks from above!


"My armies will spill humanity's blood across the stars"


The final guy is uglier than ugly. He's got tubes and stuff connecting his mouth to his nostrils, so as a result of this, he can't really pick his nose and that makes him very frustrated. This explains why he takes his anger on humanity who doesn't have this problem and can pick its nose ad nauseam.


Finish him off with his hanging tubes and all during a poorly-programmed QTE sequence

Review - "The blood of martyrs is the seed of the imperium"

A lazy way to describe Space Marine would be to say that it is a pompous clone of Gears of War with no cover system, flat and humorless characters, and green Orks with a surprisingly thick British accent.

Another way to describe this game would be to say that it's an interesting hybrid between a third-person shooter and a super brutal hack'n slash with a weighty fighting system and glorious fatalities in slow-motion.

In fact, Space Marine sits in its own genre by merging so cleverly ranged fire-fights to close-quarter and visceral slaughter.

The game actually pushes you to engage enemies up close and perform finishers which will have the effect of replenishing your health while also looking awesome.

Other than that, I wasn't very impressed either with the story or with the level lay-out. Both seemed to be predictable and completely lacked imagination.

The single player campaign is rather long and satisfying for what it is, just do not expect the moon and you'll have a good time chopping up Orks like there is no tomorrow.

Bottom line: Nice graphics and meaty fights for an interesting hybrid between a shooter and a hack'n slash but the flat level design and the boring acting will leave you cold. 7,5/10










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