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Space Ace

version: ntsc (usa) - year: 2007 - original developer: advanced microcomputer systems - publisher(s): cinematronics, digital leisure inc. - format: blu-ray disc - condition: mint - rarity: slight

This Digital Leisure remastered edition takes full advantage of full HD TVs in glorious widescreen and it even includes subtitles in English, French, Italian and German! Ex-Disney animator Don Bluth's artwork can finally shine also at home now.





Review - Space Ace is basically the sci-fi version of Dragon’s Lair, and this Digital Leisure HD version got the same awesome treatment, meaning it was cleaned up for the release on Blu-Ray.

Again, this should be the best version of this game available on any format, also because the problems which plagued Dragon’s Lair HD have been addressed here.

The game will play scenes in order which helps memorizing what is coming next. Also, changes between gameplay scenes and death animations are loaded fast and painlessly.

I should say that Space Ace looks great and also super fast, much faster than Dragon’s Lair actually and for that...it’s even harder!

Sure you still have to rescue the classic princess in distress but now her name is Kimberly instead of Daphne. The twist is that...she is super annoying, trying to boss you around at each and every opportunity she gets and she really tries to make you feel inadequate. I hate her! Nothing to do with the sweet and sexy Daphne from Dragon’s Lair!!

Bottom line: Space Ace is a great Laserdisc game which finally gets the definitive edition for home use. The extras are great just like the ones found in Dragon’s Lair HD, so you’ll get a "watch game" option, interviews, footage comparisons etc. 9/10










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