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Rise Of The Argonauts

version: pal (it) - year: 2008 - developer: liquid entertainment - publisher: codemasters - format: ps3, blu-ray disc - condition: good - rarity: common

Greek-themed 3rd person hack'n slash with rpg elements, and a cool cover


your goal is to revive your wife from the dead


green blood earned the game an 18+ rating...wtf?!


Interact with deity statues to upgrade your weapons and attacks


in order to be even more efficient in battle


Non playing characters such as Achilles are definitely charismatic


character models and the detailed armors are well done


some backgrounds look outstanding


voice acting is generally weak aside from a few exceptions such as the oracle


The Argo will be your main means of transportation


Hercules is huge and looks a bit rediculous and sounds really stupid (and obnoxious at times!)


Some encounters can be memorable


Achilles got his priority straight: fighting, girls, wine


character design is overall convincing


Review - "The man who begs for mercy is a coward. Leave mercy for the man who begs the sword." King Lycomedes

Loosely based on the classic Greek epic poem of the 3rd Century BC called Argonautica, Rise of the Argonauts tells the story of Jason and his companions known as the Argonauts, named after the spectacular vessel they travel on, the Argo which bears the name of its creator.

After the murder of his wife, Jason undertakes a desperate quest in an attempt to retrieve the Golden Fleece, a golden-hair winged ram which is said to hold the secret of reviving the dead.

In his adventure, many Argonauts such as Hercules, Achilles and Atalanta join his cause, some after fighting him. Rise of the Argonauts is based on a very powerful tale, and the Greek Mythology is fertile ground to let the creativity of artists get loose.

Graphically, this 3rd person action game is most of the time inspired. Some of the outdoor settings are truly exciting with a great attention to detail and a certain respect to the architectural criterion of the time. For instance, temples will always be far removed from cities, often dominating them from a hilltop, secluded deep in the wild. Other great details include the beautiful armor upgrades, and the nice characters’ lip-sync. Unfortunately, some of this beauty if hurt by a struggling frame rate which often gives in to annoying slow down, at least on PS3, as the Xbox 360 version should be smoother.

Also, sometimes the camera gets stuck, obstructing the view. Moreover, water surfaces look probably much weaker than the rest of the graphics too, so I would say that the graphics do a fair job, but they could have surely been more refined.

As for the music, your ears will be treated with new age Gladiator-like tunes, which I found a bit annoying after a while but that’s just my personal taste. It should be noted that all dialogues are completely voiced, which is normally a good thing but unfortunately, not in this game! Not only you will have to endure endless chitchat which is most of the time pointless, but you’ll also have to put up with prolonged monotone dialogues, which will quickly bore you to death. The amount of time talking in this game is disproportionate compared to the amount of time you’ll spend actually killing things. You’ll often be required to give answers from a tree structure, and sometimes you’ll have little time to choose!

The debate in the senate is one of the rare inspired moments in which dialogues truly shine and where you’ll go head to head on a verbal confrontation with your enemy, with senators voting for you or against you, depending on your answers.

Other than that, the fact you’ll often be forced to talk to all the NPCs in the game could soon bore you pushing you to skip the dialogues, and maybe miss out on some side missions which are tied to your powers upgrade system. So either you endure to blabla and upgrade, or skip it and take the risk of not earning enough points to upgrade. So in the end, players will probably decide to suffer in order to upgrade....

Gameplay is not bad, there is a decent amount of moves you can do although you’ll probably end up using the same move over and over, because there is little incentive to diversify your attacks since the basic ones work so well. If the dialogues were more interesting and better acted, Rise of the Argonauts could have probably earned a much better grade, but since these aspects are so central in the gameplay, I feel they should have been executed in a much better way.

Bottom line: As things stand, Rise of the Argonauts will provide an interesting diversion for its attractive Greek Mythology theme, but the gameplay flaws could soon turn your attention elsewhere. 6,5/10










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