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God of War III

version: pal (it), special edition - year: 2010 - developer: sce studios santa monica - publisher: sce - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: good - rarity: common

The Italian Special edition comes in a cardboard box and includes DLCs and 3 postcards.

Glorious Hardcover Guide Book

The title screen is incredible, as Kratos will be rolling around his eyes while oozing an insane amount of anger. And he is staring right at you!


Character models have made a huge leap forward compared to the PS2 games. Also, most of the voices from the other games in the series return and for a reason: voice acting is so good that it adds a whole new dimension to the experience. Kratos would never be the same if somebody else voiced him...


The gore in even more present now


The detail of Kratos body armor is unique


Bosses remain entertaining throughout


QTEs play an important role as usual.


Finishing off bosses is rediculously violent but so much fun! Guess what's gonna happen to this guy?


Flying sequences are gorgeous and highly entertaining.


Combat is ultra smooth


If this is really the last chapter of the trilogy (except the PSP games), then this series went out with a bang!


Review - Let’s get this out of the way right now: God Of War III looks so good it could be mistaken to be running on the PS4!

Technically, it is so beyond anything else available on PS3 it will simply tear your mind apart the first time you load it up.

Everything that made the previous games such memorable experiences is back, pumped exponentially to the next level and the one after that too!

For one thing, Kratos is modeled to perfection. He literally comes to life out of the screen, and looks as angry and aggressive as he could ever possibly look.

The transition from PS2 to PS3 also benefitted backgrounds which now have an insane amount of extra detail while the scale of buildings and bosses is really without rivals.

Finishing moves are still prompted by QTEs and are even more gruesome than before. This is God Of War at its meanest, but be warned, because to fully appreciate it, it would be better to play the first two games before, because God of War III picks up the story exactly after the end of the second game.

Now, I should probably mention that two things disappointed me slightly though:
1- the game is noticeably easier compared to the previous games (on normal mode) so the challenge is a bit watered down.
2- it is way shorter than the two games that came before it, which is a bit of a shame.

Bottom line: Despite these small complaints, God Of War III is a true feast, a masterpiece which should be enjoyed by any videogame player out there, but probably with moderation! One word of caution then: it is so brutal that you could as well have nightmares about the Ghost Of Sparta haunting you in your dreams! 10/10










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