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Grand Theft Auto IV

version: pal, (it), w/map - year: 2008 - developer: rockstar north - publisher: rockstar games - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: good - rarity: common

A true masterpiece of our age


Review - Grand Theft Auto IV is the first game of the series to land on PS3 and Xbox360 and it easily represents one of the most addictive and truly next-gen experiences available today. You could dismiss it fairly quickly if you don’t like driving and shooting games but in all honesty, GTAIV is so much more.

It gives you a huge breathing city to explore, full of mostly short tempered inhabitants. Steal a car and some will resist and even hang onto the door while you’re driving away. Some other times, victims will just hand their cars to you and hope you won’t shoot them. You’ll never see the same face twice, and for a good reason: in the credits roll, the amount of people who “lent” their faces for the pedestrians in Liberty City is simply insane… As an ex-military from an eastern European country, you immigrate to the US to meet up with your cousin, and live the American dream.

The shear amount of missions available, the complicated moral choices ahead of you, the internet flirting which can often end up in interesting dates, the relationship with your cousin and friends and with the local ethnic-specific mafias of each neighborhood, this game gives you the world within the reach of your joypad. Rockstar Games clearly tried hard to create the illusion of a virtual world, in terms or graphics, music, physics and artificial intelligence behavior.

The world it created will literally suck you in, while you’ll be busy exploring and discovering in pure awe, the mechanics of the city around you, as if you were a new born. Once you’ll get used to your new surrounding, you’ll be busy making new friends, enjoying a game of pool or bowling and having a drink in good company. Then you might decide to drive back home, wasted like never before in your life while the cops will immediately start chasing you all around the city with cars and even choppers. Choices…it's what makes life interesting and what makes GTAIV so surprising and worth playing.

Bottom line: An instant classic. 10/10











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