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Dark Sector

version: pal - year: 2008 - developer: digital extremes - publisher: d3 publisher - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

Dark Sector was censored in several countries due to its high content in violence



The color palette tends to be depressingly dark even when out-doors


The cover mechanic works really well


You're usually limited in carrying two weapons plus the glaive although in some situations, you'll be allowed to carry an extra weapon (context-sensitive).


Eventually, you'll be able to control the mechs too which is great fun


In-door locations look often dilapidated and oppressive...

As you make progress, you'll unlock useful abilities like temporary invisibility or an energy shield.


The plot is reduced to the bare-minimum.


Review - Dark Sector has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time now.

It was one of the "to be played sometime not too soon" games with a low priority. The curiosity always persisted though, so after playing through it over the week-end, I can say that it was actually worth the detour.

Dark Sector has been compared to Gears of War and from my side, I can say that it felt a bit like Dead Space.

The survival horror atmosphere is for sure there, as well as being able to target and cut enemy limbs with clinical precision.

The main thing that makes this game stand out though is probably the weapon system.

Dark Sector starts out with a really cool black and white playable prelude in which the story of the game is set. You basically get infected with some kind of virus which enhances to some extent your fighting ability and a part of your body suddenly turns into a lethal weapon referred to as the "glaive" which is both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because you'll never run out of ammo with the glaive, but a curse because as you'll soon find out, it is a weapon that isn't as powerful as other traditional weapons. This means that you'll be required to alternate or use simultaneously the glaive and other weaponry in order to survive.

There is a catch to this though: traditional weapons will only be "compatible" with you when you buy them in the black market. Weapons you collect from downed enemies will burn your hand after a few seconds of use..and as far as the justification provided in the plot goes, it makes as much sense as a boss in Cho-Aniki...

Interstingly though, the glaive can be directed after it's been thrown with the after-touch function. It can be activated via six-axis motions (but that's a total nightmare) or via the right-analogue stick.

Controlling the glaive is great fun as the view will switch just behind it as you'll maneuver it to your target which could be an enemy, an energy source (like fire, electricity or ice) or a switch to open a blocked door.

These elements will come into play either to solve some basic puzzles or to fight bosses.

The glaive is not an entirely new concept though as the idea was used well before this game in the obscure Asia-only Xbox action game Magatama.

Back to Dark Sector, it's worth mentioning that there is no energy bar cluttering the screen. Get hit and the screen will gradually turn red. Get hit more times and it's game over.

Also, your health will regenerate just like in Call of Duty, which I think is a cool touch.

This shouldn't make you believe that Dark Sector is a walk in the park because it frankly isn't. There is just one standard difficulty level and the game will auto-save at check-points.

Graphically, this PS3 version is basically a port of the Xbox 360 game, and according to several sources, this version isn't as smooth and as crisp. Personally, it took me a little while to get used to the scrolling which I thought wasn't very smooth and kind of gave me a slight sense of nausea at first. Eventually, things got better because I got used to it and because the game's graphics became a bit smoother further into the game.

I found the music and sound effects to be very atmospheric and more than once I found myself grabbing very tense the PS3 controller as horrible mutants jumped at me from behind an office desk or from a corner.

Dark Sector offers an intense playing experience which hints at something better. It's like a few good ideas were put together but the implementation could have been better.

Bottom line: Even if this game doesn't offer a great story or a super-refined visual experience, the core gameplay remains strong. A sequel would probably make it justice. 7,5/10










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