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Devil May Cry 4

version: ntsc, (usa), limited edition - year: 2008 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: slight

Includes Vol. 1 DVD of the animated series and a Bonus DVD with the game's OST, artwork, and making of video (all Region 1 encoded). The game disc itself is region-free though.


A very familiar everyday's life scene in the DMC universe...Pizza and hot chicks ;)


DMC4 story is full of twists and turns..


Dante and Nero tend to look a bit similar, both with their white hair and similar dressing style.


Hello ladies :)


The fighting system is very similar to DMC3 so nothing really new on this front aside from Nero's specific abilities


DMC4 can be a bit crude at times...


Review - After the climax of the series with Devil May Cry 3 (DMC3), this next-gen sequel brings in amazingly detailed new graphics in hi-res and longer cut-scenes but the structure remains the same.

Everything looks really nice and clean but DMC4 lacks the uber-pumped young Dante which was probably the coolest character to date. Nero looks somewhat similar to Dante himself (maybe too similar?) but he does have different abilities and a different, less self-confident personality.

To fully appreciate the next-gen feel, play on a nice full hd TV set, seat back and enjoy the ride. A pure shot of adrnenaline, organized as usual in missions which will see you go across very different settings from the jungle to snowy mountains, facing huge bosses which are also extremely well designed.

Well, in the end, despite all the eyecandies and the great gothic-metal music, it is really more of the same here in a better looking but slightly less inspired sequel.

And why do all the villagers wear hoods?! Don't want to think Capcom was in such hurry it didn't feel like drawing a couple of extra faces…

Bottom line: one of the most stylish and beautiful action games on ps3. 8/10











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