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Crysis 2

version: pal (austria)- year: 2011 - developer: crytek - publisher: ea - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: good, torn/missing corner of manual back-cover - rarity: common

A gorgeous game based on the CryEngine 3 technology...


...which may not excite you too much


If you're just looking to kill some time and entertain your retina though...


...then you should play this game...


...if only for the cool and over-powered nanosuit!

Review - Crysis 2 has been trumpeted by Crytek as being the best-looking game to be released on this generation of consoles and to back-up that statement, they did indeed produce an unbelievable looking game whose only fault is to look a bit generic and repetitive.

No matter how good the water surfaces look, or how convincing the smoke effects and the lighting effects are, it is ultimately the playing experience which should bring everything together and if that one lacks character or "a soul", than yeah, it's just a little more than a gorgeous tech demo.

Of course, Crysis 2 is more than that but I struggle to find anything that stands out in the singleplayer campaign which would make me recommend this shooter over the other trillions out there.

The excellent graphics and the truly memorable soundtrack can't compensate for a general lack of ideas as you play through an adventure that you'll feel you played a tons of times before with better characters and more emotional voice-acting.

Also,the enemies A.I. isn't the brightest either so what you're left with is a beautiful empty world and a bunch of retarded aliens and soldiers to shoot down.

Bottom line: I preferred the original Crysis which at least had its own personality and didn't try to be a SCI-FI Call of Duty. 8/10










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