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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

version: pal (uk), hardened edition - year: 2009 - developer: infinity ward - publisher: activision - format: ps3, blu-ray disk - condition: near mint- rarity: slight

The Hardened Edition comes with a metal case, a hard-cover artbook and a code to unlock for free an HD remake of the first Call of Duty in the series renamed Call of Duty Classic for the occasion. Too bad it never worked for me, and although Activision has a specific section in their website to respond to these problems, they never even answered me back after I contacted them 3 times! Great customer service really...can't say I feel sorry for them that high level staff at Infinity Ward is leaving day by day. Money hungry Activision should reconsider the way it's treating people.


What did I learn playing Modern Warfare 2? For example that riot shields can withstand any kind of modern ammunition! hehe


The missions set in the favelas in Brazil are awesome, and listening to the bad guys shout in portuguese (or should I say brazilian) is refreshing!


Towering above the rich and the poor alike, looking upon human misery and violence, "O Cristo Redentor" opens his arms and maybe offers redemption to those who seek it.


A close up of the magnificent 40-meters tall statue, Christ the Redeemer, symbol of Rio de Janeiro.


The aircraft boneyard in Afghanistan is incredible, just look at the sky...


...and that's the real-life example of a boeing military cargo plane, the C-17 Globemaster III launching flares, a counter-measure to heat seeking missiles. The result is this beautiful "Smoke Angel".


Back to the game, the boat chase is great fun, shoot and try to stay on track!


You infiltrate the terrorist cell and Makarov, the equivalent of a Russian Bin Laden turns around in the elevator inside the airport and says: "Remember, no Russian", referring to the fact that nobody should speak Russian from that moment on...


...and after that, the massacre begins, and you can choose to shoot innocent civilians or refrain from doing it. No bonuses are awarded for killing people and the level is skippable anytime without any sort of penalty. Me? I shot all the civilians, and felt bad for those bleeding pixels on the ground for 5 minutes. Then I moved on... Apparently, in the German and Japanese localized versions, shooting civilians will prompt a gameover screen, while in the Russian version, the level was censored altogether.


Review - Call of Duty has without doubt represented a success story for Activision, and within this series the Modern Warfare episodes stole the show.

People have literally voted with their money and several million copies sold later, Infinity Ward can pride itself of having created basically a new multi-million dollar franchise. Only the regular edition of the game still maintains the name Call of Duty in the title, while all the other limited or collector editions are just called Modern Warfare 2.

This success can be attributed to several factors, such as the high production values, decent voice acting, spectacular scenes in the campaign mode, the solid multiplayer maps and the co-op modes. But maybe and more importantly, Modern Warfare 2 caters to the little boy inside us who wants to play soldier, who likes big explosions, who feels he understands something about international politics, and ultimately, who considers that war can be just and fun, especially when experiencing it from a sofa.

Civilian casualties? Whatever, it’s war and I am on the right side. Plus, how could I feel bad for a bunch of foreign screaming pixels? Oh but wait, some speak American. Damn, I have actually been used to kill innocent people. No way, do I have to shoot at other American soldiers? What the heck is just happening?? Chaos. On a mass-scale. Like you have never seen it before on your screen.

What starts out like a series of missions with precise objectives and a clear idea of who is right and who is wrong soon turns into some kind of brutal free-for-all, last man standing onslaught.

This game could really be interpreted either as an apology of war, or as a big critic of it, and of the so called ideals which drives it.

The infamously popular “Russian airport” scene also goes in the same direction. How far are you willing to go, as an infiltrated US agent, within a terrorist cell? What is the allowed limit? Leaving moral sermons aside, it is clear that this game is pure, undiluted, in-your-face fun, that it is extremely well done and playable, and that it well deserves the 18+ rating that comes with it.

If I really have to find something wrong in the game, I would say the single player campaign mode is just too short, and that some of the more original missions like Cliffhanger and Second Sun would have been even greater if there was more gameplay into them. It seems like Infinity Ward timidly tried to introduce some innovations, but then went quickly back to the regular FPS turf it masters so well.

Despite these small complaints, I warmly recommend Modern Warfare 2 to anybody who likes shooting things and who likes to be engaged in believable war environments. Thumbs up for this sequel!

Bottom line: Beautiful yet brutal, intense yet short. Just like war. You can live and tell your friends about it, or you can get shot, and become dust. 9/10










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