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Beowulf The Game

version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: ubisoft - publisher: ubisoft - format: ps3, blu-ray disc - condition: mint - rarity: common

A fairly decent beat'em up, unjustly brutalized by the press


Orcs recquire QTE button presses to be finished off


Some of the finishing moves look devastating, especially in Carnal mode


In Carnal mode, a red aura surrounds you and your strength and violence greatly increase


Give orders to your Thanes to successfully finish levels


Another gruesome finish


A charismatic character based on a great myth


Grendel's mother isn't modelized after Angelina Jolie in the game, unlike in the movie

Review - Beowulf The Game is largely based on the 3D motion-captured 2007 film which was itself based on the 8th century anglo-saxon epic poems.

If you enjoyed the ultra powerful movie, then you will enjoy this game no matter what the metacritic average score might be. In this specific case, it is low. If you are here to be neat picking about everything that is wrong with this game, I would advice you to go look for your entertainment elsewhere because Beowulf The Game is many things, and one of which is that it is far from being perfect!

Some of the mission goals aren’t really laid out clearly which entails spending much more time than you would want to in replaying certain levels. Also, graphically the game is not always up to standard, with some noticeable slow down here and there and cut-scenes which abruptly get cut off for loading purposes. If you can get past these flaws, you will sure find a game worth of your time and effort though.

This is a beat’em up which tries to add a few elements to make it more than just a beat’em up. You will be in command of a group of warriors (the Thanes) and you’ll have to assign them tasks to perform in order to pass certain levels. The tasks are generally simple and mainly consist of rowing faster on a Viking ship, or turning wheels to open (or close) doors. You''ll also be required to release boulders onto enemy lines.

These actions can be speed up by initiating a music mini-game which requires you to press certain buttons according to a certain tempo. Successfully completing the mini-game will conclude the task much faster, thus allowing your Thanes and yourself to fight off remaining enemies and clear the level.

Interestingly, there are two “spiritual” powers you can unleash: Carnal and Heroic. The Heroic meter builds up either when you successfully avoid enemy attacks or when you rescue one of your Thanes. When the meter is full, you can unleash the Heroic power which makes all of your party braver and more effective in battle, galvanizing it!

The Carnal meter gets full when you get hit by enemies or when you hit carnal spores. When the meter is full, unleash your rage. You will suddenly turn into an almighty powerful beast but at a cost: you’ll be much slower, you won’t be able to roll to evade attacks and more importantly, your rage will also affect your Thanes. If you kill them all in friendly fire incidents, the game ends. That’s unfortunately all too easy to do, since when in Carnal mode, your vision will be red-tinted and blurred, like a true beast!

Anyways, these gameplay twist certainly add depth to the fighting system, and mastering all the different elements won’t be so easy.

Graphically, Beowulf The game is generally good enough although it looks a bit like a late X-Box 1 game rather than a newer generation game. It doesn’t look bad by any means, but it could have certainly looked sharper and more colorful.

The music and the voice acting are just amazing though, especially because the game uses the same voice acting of the movie, thus ensuring a very high quality.

Gameplay is as I said before, rather engaging and feels different from the typical beat’em ups out there.

Bottom line: In the end, if you are looking for a challenging yet playable and violent fighting game with a rich atmosphere, grab this game! At the price it sells for, it’s a true bargain! 7/10










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