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Asura's Wrath

version: jp, e-capcom edition - year: 2012 - developer: cyber connect 2 - publisher: capcom - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: near mint - rarity: very

The E-Capcom Edition could only be ordered online via Capcom's Japanese website. It includes an outer cardboard box with truely awesome artwork, the "ASURA'S WRATH SHIKI" hard-cover artbook with 40 pages, the soft-cover SHIKI knowledge ASURA'S WRATH artbook which also includes a short comic and the "ASURA'S nirvana" making-of DVD (only in Japanese). Note that this version of the game has dual audio and subs (JP/ENG).


The artwork in this game is phenomenal


Here Asura is labeled a traitor and is attacked by the emperor's guards who poke him with all kinds of weaponry. This is why he has all these spears hanging onto his back but he doesn't care cause he is a god


The characters artwork is very inspired


Asura the family man with wife and daughter has anger management problems. Apparently, the true reason why he suddenly went berserk is that the wife asked for another Gucci bag


The first level is a graphical tour-de-force which is worth playing several times just to appreciate the fantastic creativity of Cyber Connect 2


The fighting system works well and is deep enough


Some things left me slightly puzzled like the low A.I. of characters and enemies. Here, a girl is waving at you to be followed, and she will still wave even if you are just a meter away. And yeah you can't even wave back cause you have the nasty habit of getting your arms truncated now and then


Press R2 to unleash a super finisher and beat this possessed monkey into oblivion!


Many winks at God Of War can be found. One thing Asura and Kratos have in common is their interest into large breast and yeah, I tend to agree


Facial animations are outstanding


Asura is always pissed off and will be screaming a lot throughout the game. He is a cross between Gatzu from Berserker and probably some other Dragon Ball character I don't know the name of


The scale of the fights is simply EPIC. Some fat guy who is also a demi-god like you will try to squash you like a bug. Notice his huge finger heating up because of atmospheric re-entry...




Review - Asura's Wrath is an experimental action game which blends Hindu Mythology with Science-Fiction by delivering an anime tale mainly through quick-time event inputs.

For a good approximation, just imagine an interactive movie type game similar to Dragon's Lair with a little more interaction.

The story is delivered through amazing anime style interactive cut-scenes which look glorious and have an immense cosmic scope as you'll be unleashing your spiritual energy across space and time.

The story itself spans across thousands of years as you control Asura, a demi-god who has the nasty habit of reincarnating every time he gets defeated.

Graphically, Asura's Wrath is certainly unique as it delivers high-impact visuals and mind-twisting combat captured through incredible anime-style interactive cut-scenes and camera work.

The graphics can be uneven though as in some cases, especially during combat sections where you have full control over your character, backgrounds look a bit plain with little detail, unrefined textures and a low polygon count. To have the same graphical level of the interactive cut-scenes throughout is probably PS4 material...

The music complements the graphics flawlessly, by delivering empowering themes and atmospheric tunes.

Gameplay will polarize most players as the QTEs (quick-time events) aren't usually very popular among players. Personally, I do not have a problem with QTEs especially when they are used to deliver a unique playing experience which would simply not be possible otherwise.

It is important to point out that QTEs can also be ignored as the scene will play regardless of whether you were successful or not with your input. Performing flawless inputs during QTEs will grant you a better score and ultimately, it will allow you to unlock the true ending of the game.

In all truth, there are also some gameplay sections in which you will be handed full control of Asura, either in the shooting levels (in deep space) or in some of the fighting segments.

The fighting system is a clever mixture of QTEs and spiritual energy management. By alternating light and heavy attacks, your spiritual meter will gradually fill up to allow to deliver heavy attacks without overheating or by allowing to unleash an uber-spectacular finishing move.

This system is deep enough to make levels interesting to be replayed to better your score and your fighting abilities.

Bottom line: In the end, as a piece of interactive entertaining Asura's Wrath is certainly to be praised but if you are expecting a traditional action game with traditional gameplay mechanics, chances are you'll be left wanting. 9/10










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