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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

version: pal (de) - year: 2010- developer: ubisoft montreal - publisher: ubisoft - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

Includes Trajan Market and Aqueduct missions as well as a code to download The Da Vinci Disappearance. The Copernicus Conspiracy is a free download for all PS3 editions and to be honest, it doesn't add much to the overall experience. But yeah, it's free...


The Colosseo is rendered flawlessly...


...just like the Pantheon and the tons of other key monuments around the city


"The Banker" mission is maybe my favorite mission in the entire game Don't wanna spoil it, but here is a pic for you to enjoy :)

Review -Brotherhood picks up exactly from where Assassin’s Creed II left off, as you find yourself back to the Vatican City and to Rome.

I have to say I was in total awe when I saw how Ubisoft was able to recreate 1500s Rome. Of course, I was always looking around for the landmarks I know of today, and some of them were actually not built or looked different.

Walking around Renaissance Rome proved for me to be a moment of deep interest and wonder, I felt like a kid discovering the world for the first time!

Brotherhood builds on the Assassin’s Creed II template to provide a gaming experience which tries to be even more varied.

I believe it succeeds in this, since all of the side missions finally start to feel actually different one from the other.

The included DLC content which I got for free with this version of the game helped quite a bit though.

Also, having to destroy the Borgia family areas of influence actually provides some interesting variety to the unlocking of view-points.

The Da Vinci sub-missions are great fun to play and they do add some variety to the adventure.

Brotherhood also allows you to recruit assassins, assign missions to them so they can upgrade, and more interestingly, it also lets you summon them by pressing a button for spectacular and stealthy kills!

In the end, Brotherhood betters Assassin’s Creed II gameplay by refining the ideas that worked and by adding some more.

On PS3, the framerate seems also to have been optimized, despite some hiccups which at times can be annoying.

Bottom line: Brotherhood is as of now the best game in the series. Let’s see what Assassin’s Creed Revelations will be like when it comes out…9/10










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