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Valis Complete - The Legend Of A Fantasm Soldier

version: jp - year: 2004 - developer: project egg - publisher: bothtec - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: very

A beautiful package which comes with a cd-rom with a spinecard, and a beautiful Yuko figurine. There is also a paper with a cd-key so make sure you get that too.

Review - When I found out that the Pc Engine quadrilogy of Valis had been re-released on a single cd-rom for Windows, I was surprised because I didn’t hear anything about it.

What is actually even more surprising is that Telenet was not involved in this release, since the ports were handled by Project EGG, which is actually a retro game compilation distribution service managed by Amusement Center and D4 Enterprise which in turn are specialized in the digital distribution of PC-8801, PC-9801, and MSX software for Windows computers.

To top it all off, Valis Complete was actually published by another company called Bothtec, which is almost unknown in the west, since it mainly developed and published MSX software in Japan in the early days of the machine.

Back when Valis Complete was released, Telenet was already in financial trouble and it would eventually close doors in 2007. Two years later, even Bothtec would just merge with another company so needless to say, Valis Complete is something of a rare oddity.

It is certainly worth mentioning that the Valis Complete cd-rom includes the four pc engine games (not enhanced ports), the four manuals in pdf format, a Valis III movie walkthrough and a nice artwork gallery. The package also comes with a beautiful Yuko figurine.

This package was obviously aimed at the fans of the series, who had been hoping to get a new Valis release since Super Valis IV on Super Famicom. Although Valis Complete doesn’t really bring much new material, it is a convenient way to play any of the PC Engine games onto your PC.

I should probably also say that to successfully install the cd-rom, I had to switch all the settings of Windows XP to Japanese or else the installer would just give me an 1155 *.msi error. Since the system requirements are generally pretty low for Japanese games, I am using an old Pentium 3 just for that purpose to install and play any kind of Windows XP-compatible Japanese game.

Bottom line: worth getting if you are an aficionado of telenet's series. 8/10










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