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Unreal II The Awakening

version: euro (it) - year: 2003 - developer: legend - publisher: atari - format: pc 3 cd-rom - condition: mint - rarity: common

Unreal II supports several languages unlike games such as Half-Life 2


Yes she is hot and she'll be with you throughout your space wandering :)


The flamethrower looks simply incredible !


Enemies are varied and can be pretty tough. Here, take a look at the grass...not bad huh?!


Unreal II still has its fair share of beautiful scenarios although it sadly lacks the breathtaking views and atmosphere of the first game

Review - When Unreal came out back in 1998, it surprised the PC gaming community with its groundbreaking audio-visuals and slick gameplay.

In particular, it managed to create a unique atmosphere which fused science fiction with a certain sense mysticism in a voyage which seemed to take the player right into the realm of the unknown.

Unreal was all about the single player campaign and in this respect, it managed to shine so bright that still today, it offers a great playing experience.

For players wanting some multiplayer action, the Unreal Tournament series was developed but this is another topic of discussion. Unreal II should follow in the footsteps of Unreal, meaning that the main focus of the game is the singleplayer campaign, although a multiplayer component is also present.

Unreal II has been widely criticized for having very little to do with the original Unreal story and I must say that this sequel certainly lacks the amazing alien atmosphere of the original game. It can still count on some fine visuals, with beautiful landscapes, intricate backgrounds, impressive vistas and amazing spacescapes which use images from NASA archives.

I just thought water surfaces didn't look very impressive though and this is maybe the only real downer in the graphics.

The music is extremely well done, and this will become apparent right from the intro which is a work of art in itself fusing awesome rhythm with cool graphical effects.

Gameplay is typical although sometimes, rather than advancing solo in enemy territory, you'll have to achieve different mission objectives such as coordinating a marines task-force to defend a perimeter from hostile forces. The arsenal at your disposal is wide and varied, and all guns have cool secondary fire options. The flamethrower is an amazingly cool weapon which is extremely satisfying to use, just like the sniper rifle which will prove invaluable in certain situation. The rocket launcher, the grenades launcher, the shotgun and many other conventional (and less conventional) weapons will ensure that blowing up enemies will never become boring.

Finally, the plot is also fairly interesting with its twist and turns while character models are believable and nicely characterized giving to the story an additional layer of depth. To conclude, Unreal II might not be as captivating as the original game, but it is a solid sci-fi FPS which is worth every minute of it.

The ending part is especially interesting to play with a few interesting graphical and gameplay tricks which are welcome.

Since Unreal II came out a while ago now, it is real value for money. What are you waiting for, go grab it now! P.S: It should be noted that Unreal II uses 3CDs and the installation process gets interrupted midway through, asking you to disk-swap. I didn't experience any problems with it but I just thought the installation process could have been handled differently, maybe by just cramming the whole game into a single DVD instead of using 3 CDs…

Bottom line: a very nice sequel which provides a lot of fun, although the atmosphere is not as involving as the prequel....7/10










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