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Steel Saviour

version: euro (it), retail - year: 2004 - developer: atlanteq - publisher: ludonic - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

The retail version is the one to get and it comes with a cardboard outerbox, and no physical manual (just a pdf file)


Really outstanding graphics for a quality traditional PC shooter developed in Italy!


Use your secondary weapons wisely as ammo runs out!


Gameplay is a bit slow-paced and pretty hard, but this game is worth seeing from start to finish such are its graphical qualities


Everything looks very crisp, don't you think?


Some bosses are reminiscent of the baddies in Project X and X2. This is no coincidence considering we are talking euro-shmups here.


A classy 2D shooter exclusive to the PC.


Review - Steel Saviour is an obscure but extremely well done side-scrolling 2D shooter which is the semi-sequel to the even more obscure Amiga (030/040 CPUs) AGA-only shooter called T-Zer0.

We are talking euro-shmups here, developed in Italy so you can expect a very high graphical standard with state of the art backgrounds and graphics, cool techno music and hard and maybe a bit unbalanced gameplay (inferior to Japanese shooters).

So what to think of Steel Saviour?

Graphically, it has basically no competitors be it because of the HD ultra-crisp graphics, the beautiful parallax layers, the incredible lighting and transparencies effects or the huge bosses, a lot of excellent work has been done here to outshine most traditional shooters out there on any platform.

The weather effects look and sound gorgeous too with rain, fog, lightning and such punctuating your extenuating path to the final boss. Yes, because Steel Saviour is a tough game despite the save feature which lets you start over up until level 3. After that, you'll have to restart from that level. Considering that there are 5 long levels to go through, it can be very tough to get to see the ending of this game also because your firepower is slightly insufficient to wipe out the screen completely.

Luckily, you have an energy bar which you can replenish by collecting specific health packs but Steel Saviour still is an incredible challenge.

The weapon system consists of a primary weapon which never runs out and secondary weapons which have limited ammo and which you should use with judgement. This adds a bit of strategy to an otherwise typical playing experience.

It should be noted that the game was sold (and maybe is still sold) online and can be installed a maximum of 5 times.

There is also a rare retail version which is the one I got and which is the best value for money because you can install it on your hard drive as many times as you wish.

In the end, Steel Saviour is a technically outstanding shooter maybe not as playable as Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer but graphically as good if not even better. Considering it came out3 years earlier, this is quiet an achievement!

Bottom line: I'd recommend getting a hold of this as it is one of the best shooters on PC. Just don't expect it to be as fun as the best Japanese examples of this genre and you'll find happiness in here just as I did ;) ....8/10











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