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version: europe - year: 2005 - developer: id software, raven - publisher: activision - format: pc dvdrom - condition: near mint - rarity: common

When almost overwhelmed by enemy-fire, this huge ship comes to your rescue and almost covers the sun when passing by before landing!


Outdoor action includes mechs and tanks firefights


Damn, we have a spiders problem it seems, where did I put the insecticide?!


Who needs batteries when you can use human torsos to power buildings?


This is one of the most gruesome scenes in videogames history...


This guy really "opened up" to me, we are best friends now lol


The sickness...


...and the ugliness...


Zombies are truely terrifying in Quake 4


damn that armor looks cool!


Getting higher and higher on top of this hopeless world...


but the view is certainly worthy!


an overwheight flying bug...time to do some clean up!

Review - I am no Quake veteran but what I can say is that Quake 4 is an astonishingly beautiful and playable SCI-FI FPS with a sick penchant for biomechanics.

Human brains, tissues, and internal organs are used by an alien race to integrate its systems and technology and the end result is a freaky nightmare in which human torsos, intestines and such are integrated into various exotic alien mechanisms…you gotta love these aliens, they recycle everything!

It's pretty obvious that developer Raven took some inspiration from Alien's artwork creator Giger as the imagery you'll come across while navigating through Quake 4 levels will be very disturbing at times. If that doesn't bother you, than I think you should seriously consider to give this game a shot because it effectively combines most of the genre clichés to deliver an engrossing playing experience.

Aside from the powerful 3D engine, what you'll probably notice is the extreme precision of the controls. By foot, on a mech or on a tank, everything feels very tight while aiming and shooting down enemies will feel second nature after only a few seconds of play.

You'll hardly feel disoriented in Quake 4 as everything you'll come across is pretty much usual business but everything is done with such care and attention to detail that you'll feel compelled to play through the game no matter what.

Unlike Doom3, the universe of Quake4 is brighter also because some weapons do have mounted lights. Also, there are several outdoor sections which help breaking down the monotony that could otherwise arise.

Gameplay is almost squad oriented as you'll often have side-kicks who will come along with you. They do their job decently and will give you a needed hand when you'll be overwhelmed by hostile forces. The team-play component is still limited though, as you won't be able to give orders or to coordinate your team.

Still Quake4 is about capturing the pure essence of PC FPSs and to deliver a satisfying and straight forward playing experience and in this respect, even if not particularly innovative, it manages to excel.

Bottom line: an fps ID-style, by the text book. No surprises here, but excellent nonetheless! 8/10
















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