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Half-Life 2

version: europe(it), ltd edition - year: 2004 - developer: valve - publisher: sierra - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


City 17 is a futuristic Eastern European city controlled by a fascist government


The traditional Valve logo is back unchanged from HL1


The modified gravity gun will allow you later in the game to lift soldiers from across the level and shoot them out as projectiles!


The hovercraft will later be equipped with a mounted tau-cannon style weapon. To avoid being left on foot, clear a path for it so you'll cover huge distances in no time


The shotgun is always as effective


HL2 Death Match currently has only 2 maps...


Killing people around by throwing at them a CRT monitor always gives me a shiver of excitement down the spine :)


Alyx will be a precious ally. Watching her facial expressions is a sight! Lip-synch is flawless too

Review - After 6 long years of work, Half-Life 2 (HL2) finally lands on PC and it does so with a bang!

Despite all of the leakage with code spilling over the internet, with tons of screen-shots, movie clips and other medias literally flooding fan sites and professional websites, Half Life 2 still manages to impress.

Sure, you can see that some ideas have been borrowed from popular (Halo) and less popular (Undying) FPSs but overall, Valve's creation manages to bring to this crowded genre a good deal of innovation.

Be it in the unbelievable physics applied to all of the objects in the game, or be it in the great A.I. of both your side-kicks or your enemies, HL2 impresses.

The best way to see the great work put into the physics is by using the Gravity Gun: this weapon allows the player to lift a variety of different objects such as chairs, tables, sinks, various pieces of furniture and use them as lethal projectiles! Larger objects such as cars can't be lifted but they can be shot at to smash whatever they hit. Now, this factor alone opens up an impressive array of new and inventive ways of killing your opponents. Just go out and experiment, and you'll sure have some major fun just at looking at the devastating effects that you can get.

Another interesting weapon that somehow replaces the nasty Snarks of the 1 st game is the Pheropod which allows you to control armies of giant ant-like insects called antlions. These things are very carnivorous and attack with rare savagery! Just let them loose when you are outnumbered and they will literally do all of the cleaning for you. Just one thing, don't unleash them in rivers or they'll drown…

The rest of the weapons are more or less the same from HL1 although unfortunately , both the Tau Cannon and the Gluon Gun are missing. This might come as a welcome surprise to some, since they were considered to be cheap weapons when playing online, because in expert hands, they proved excessively powerful.

Weapons aside, Valve did manage to create an organic world where the player can (and often must) use the environment to his advantage to overcome the various challenges that await. Pull the heater out of the wall, shield yourself with it while a Combine soldier is shooting at you. Finally, when reasonably close, throw the heater at your assailant to finish him off!

Moving to the audio-visuals, HL2 uses the latest PC technologies so you can expect amazing water effects, distortions, sun-glare, breathtaking lighting effects, ground-breaking animations, and whatever else might come to mind.

Moreover, every material reflects the light differently and this effect is so subtle and flawlessly implemented that you will hardly notice it…

The music typically kicks in when the action heats up and usually consists of awesome techno-like beats that get you pumped to jump in the crowd and go berserk! Sound-effects are among the best ever created and contribute to enhance the believability of HL2 virtual world. Every material makes a different sound. You can tell if you are walking on a marble surface or if you are using your crowbar on a wooden barricade just by the sound of it.

So is Half-Life 2 an awesome gaming experience? Definitely yes! Is it as genre-defining as the 1 st game? In all honesty, I don't think it quiet reaches it in terms of the impact that HL1 had when it came out back in 1998.

Don't get me wrong though! HL2 is an amazing piece of Software but it didn't bring to the FPS world the same amount of innovation of HL1. It perfected most of the good stuff that was already present in the original game, it packed it with next generation audio-visuals and cutting edge technologies but the core of the game still remained similar.

To conclude, HL2 is probably the best FPS of 2004 on PC but who knows if it will manage to remain the king of the FPS crop for another 6 years? Time will ultimately tell.

HL2 limited edition comes in a metal box and includes a hint book with cool artwork and info on deleted enemies / levels. Also comes with a HL2 t-shirt and with additional software Half Life source and Counter Strike source. Half Life source uses the physics of HL2 but the graphics are the same of the original game (not the enhanced version that later came out with Blue-Shift.)

Bottom line: Still one of the better fps out there...9/10











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