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Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2

version: usa - year: 2000 - developer: ritual - publisher: gathering - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight

Peculiar art style


And this is she in ...flesh!


Notice the distant planet seamlessly integrated with the sky...




Gameplay is varied and entertaining


Some serious artillery at hand


Chain-saw or Sword?


The flaming sword really delivers some

Review - FAKK2 uses the Quake III engine to great effect.

This 3rd person action adventure game really got me hooked. The backgrounds are varied, colorful and feel alive while the enemies and weapons are great. The play mechanics work very well, while all in all, this is a very nice game based on the FAKK2 franchise.

Unrelated to the Dreamcast game.

Bottom line: a great hack and slash, highly recommended! 8/10











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