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Halo [Combat Evolved]

version: europe (it)- year: 2003 - developer: bungie, gearbox - publisher: microsoft - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common


Originally an Xbox only release which saw the light on PC almost 2 years later with improved graphics.


The sniper-rifle is excellent to secure one-hit kills


The battle-tank is devastating but very slow

















Review - Halo was originally scheduled to come out on PC but it got noticed at Microsoft which simply decided to buy the project and the whole of the developing Studio in the process.

As a result, it initially became an Xbox-exclusive fuelling sales of millions of Xbox worldwide and kick-starting almost by itself the Xbox-live craze. Later on, it eventually made it to PC and benefited from higher resolution graphics and the mouse+keyboard interface (which is probably best suited for FPSs in general).

The single-player campaign offers an interesting SCI-FI plot, beautifully told through the use of in-game graphics, excellent voice-acting and atmospheric music and sound-effects.

In the graphics department, Halo bears a clear resemblance to Unreal. In particular, the initial emergency crashlanding of the spaceship onto the Halo planet is very reminiscent of Unreal. The eden-like surrounding, the waterfall in the distance all pay a clear homage to the 1st level in Unreal, although in my opinion they do not manage to have the same impact.

What Halo adds compared to other games of the genre is the use of vehicles (ground-based and airborne).

Other than that, I wouldn't consider it to be shockingly innovative as many of the things it brings aren't new, especially on PC where FPSs thrive. It should be noted that the graphical impact of the game is still strong although it can't compare to other FPSs such as HL2 for instance.

Gameplay is probably the strong-point of Bungie's production. The frame rate is silky smooth while the use of vehicles greatly enhances gameplay. Not everything is perfect though since I found weapon selection to be a bit limited and this became even more noticeable since you're allowed to carry only two different weapons at a time. A

nother thing which slightly puzzled me is the fact that you'll often replay through the same levels (going in and walking out of them) and I thought it was a bit cheap and slightly boring. If memory limitation was an issue on the Xbox (and this might have provided an elegant solution to work around it), on PC this is almost unacceptable…

Despite these small flaws, Halo on PC was so much compelling that it basically grounded me for 2 days in my room, just because I got so addicted that I just couldn't walk away from my PC!!

The multiplayer mode features a variety of different playing modes (Capture the flag, free for all etc) in beautifully drawn levels which often stretch for miles.

The use of vehicles adds a fresh elements to fights. Get onto the driving seat of the Warthog (a four-wheeled jeep look-alike) and just give a lift to other on-foot players so that they can provide serious firepower!

Again, the only drawback is the lack of variety for the weapons (although a couple of multi-player exclusive weapons have been added) which aren't even remotely comparable to those of Half Life 2 for instance.

In the end, Halo still represents one of the better FPSs out there although it might have been slightly overrated, especially on PC where there are many other noteworthy games of this type.

Bottom line: a nice version of Halo whose only sin has been to show up on PC so late after the xbox release....8/10










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