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version: euro (it), budget - year: 1988 - developer: valve - publisher: sierra - format: pc cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common


Marines! You better act quickly before they annihilate you!


The multiplayers is often a senseless bloodbath. The Gluon Gun and the Tau Cannon are 2 of the most destructive weapons in the game. Notice up there in the bulding, a sniper seems ready to strike! But never underestimate the brutality of the bone-crushing Crowbar...


Prima's Official Strategy Guide. B/W








Review - When I first tried HL back in 1998, I hated 1st person shooters.

They gave me a weird feeling of nausea for some odd reason plus they bored me to death. Well, my friends at the Dormes came down to my room one day back in 1998 and installed it on my PC just so that we could all play online (power of T1!) like a happy family.

Result?I saw the light! I got addicted like I was on drugs. Problem was, I was so bad at it at first that people got annoyed with me. They didn't want to play me anymore because I was such a weakling. So legend says that crushed in spirit, I took a week off school to get better at Half-Life. And I did.

Then came the metamorphosis. People started respecting my digital ego. When titans clashed, the legends of 'Ahura-Mazda', 'Islekillyerass' (Obiakillah), 'Snow Mexican', 'Bombadillo', 'Cactus', 'Hardcore', 'Berkus', 'Zero Cool', 'Colabeary', 'Father Penis' among others started and the rest is history!

What is really amazing is that we could all tell (beside the names), who was playing because all of us developed a distinctive way of moving, strafing, firing etc.

Singleplayer : It is still today very much respected by the internet community. When you run around the Black Mesa Research facility, you can feel the tension, the claustrophobia, the hostility in the air. The first enemies you encounter are lobotomized zombies. Pretty dumb admittedly. But wait until the marines come in. Your life won't be the same.The A.I. routines are still amazing by today's standards. They will move coordinated sending scouts to spot your position. Stay in the same area for too long and grenades will start raining on your head...The way you can hear them communicate on the radio is just awesome.

Occasionally, you'll be witnessing fights between the aliens and the marines. You'll be caught right in the middle of hell!

Multiplayer : Now that is what made this game virtually immortal. You can still find thousands and thousands of servers online. Why is that?

Simply because this game is perfection in multiplayer. The pace of the action is really very well balanced. Not too fast not too slow.

Players can try to kill anything that moves but sometimes, other less skilled players might get them because strategy is often the key here. Play smart! Charge the Tau Cannon to get kills through walls (cheap but effective) or use it to get on higher spots maybe for sniping. Or maybe to set Remote Bombs. Crowbar, Pistol, Magnum, shotgun, machine gun etc...all weapons have their dignity and all weapons can be effective in expert hands.

There are endless ways to kill people and endless ways to play the game. Physics is realistic enough, but not too much to the point to hinder gameplay. Multiplayer arenas are generally well done, especially Valve's own creations such as Undertow, Boot Camp, Gasworks and the likes.

But users can compile their own maps which in turn, creates a huge variety of arenas to pick from. Some are great (like Mayhem, Bash or Falaise), some are just insane (like 'the dam 1 on 1') and some just suck.

All in all, I must admit that Half-Life is still part of my life today. Appropriate name :) To me, this is the best videogame of all times on any system and across all platforms.

Bottom line: a flawless classic....10/10










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