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version: european (it) - year: 2007 - developer: crytek - publisher: electronic arts - format: pc dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

A true killer application and an unrivaled tech demo.


There is a nice sea turtle on the shore at the beginning of the game, but that's almost about it for the wild life. Weird there are only soldiers and aliens in sight most of the time despite the exotic setting which should be full of animals.


The setting and the open spaces are of course reminiscent of Crytek earlier work FarCry.


Vehicles are a nice addition and are easy enough to control.


This shot has actually little to do with the game, no spiritual quest here, but I think it's cool.


The zero gravity levels are both beautiful and great fun to play.


Look through the window and you'll automatically lift your weapons for a better view.


Out of the alien nest...


Stay without moving for too long and you'll freeze! The effect is as beautiful as it could get although it's hard to see here.


Some more gunning in the forest. Transparancies, smoke, mist, they look just great.


Pretty face with the umbrella looks like Sandra Bullock.

Review - When Crysis came out back in 2007, it set the bar really high for PC specs but in doing so, it alienated a significant portion of the PC gaming community by providing limited performances on many machines.

The medium to high settings (let alone maximum!) could not be achieved on mainstream PCs so it naturally became an instant benchmarking tool to possibly test every videocard and processor on the market.

When I first tried to install the game on my 2004 Dell Dimension 8400 desktop (Pentium 4 HT 3,2 Ghz, running XP x86 or 32bit, 2 GB of DDR2 Ram, Radeon X800XT with 256MB), the game could run on the lowest specs but it looked like a badly coded demo, lacking even basic stuff like transparencies. So I had to wait for better times, and placed the game back on the shelf.

Let’s fast forward to the end of 2009 when I finally got a laptop. I thought my HP Pavilion DV7-2185DX would be able to run the game well, given it’s packing an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 / 2 GHz, running Windows 7 X64 with 6GB (800MHz DDR2), and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1 Gig of DDR3 RAM) . But guess what?? I still had to do a whole lot of tweakings to be able to run the game smoothly...

I started playing the game on the max resolution available for my screen, i.e. 1600x900, on high detail (not maximum) and with x8 anti-aliasing and although kind of slow, it wasn’t choppy because there aren’t many moving enemies at the beginning of the game (except a turtle, and that's slow).

The visuals looked sharp and fantastic, and I almost felt my PC was the ultimate gaming machine for a moment, despite the average graphics card. When things started to heat up and more enemies showed up on screen, the frame rate dropped so badly I had a hard time aiming so I decided to lower the resolution to a more reasonable and still attractive 1280x768, with anti aliasing set at 2x. I played the rest of the game on these settings and my PC behaved decently until I reached the final level and there it started to hiccup so badly I had to lower the resolution once more to a humbling 1024x768 with no anti-aliasing.

I’ll be damned if this game’s code is optimized to work on anything else than an Nvidia card! Lazy programming? Could also be the case, but despite these flaws, I had a blast playing through Crysis because the pace is just right, it gives you enough time for site seeing without always submerging you with endless enemy waves.

The thick forests of North Korea are flawlessly rendered while blasting your way around breathtaking scenarios and expansive open spaces represents a welcome change compared to the claustrophobic corridors SCI-FI FPSs often resort to.

Moreover, there are a few drastic changes in the scenarios, as when you find yourself floating around in Zero-G for a few gorgeously designed alien levels.

I would say Crysis looks just great and even introduces a few mild changes in the gameplay with the nano-technology suits which have specific characteristics such a stealth (Predator anyone?), speed, strength etc which increase your attributes for a short amount of time, to deal with obstacles more effectively.

Other than that, despite all the eye candies and mild innovations I would say Crysis is really not vastly improved over its ground breaking predecessor FarCry which in my opinion had a better software code.

But those jungles and forests do look lavish, you need to take a walk in there, possibly equipped with a kick ass PC and...an Nvidia videocard under your arm ;)

Bottom line: Almost as good as FarCry...9/10










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