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version: usa - year: 1990 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: PC - 2 disks (5.25") - condition: good - rarity: very

Review - Castlevania made it to a multitude of diverse formats ranging from the MSX2, to the FDS and the NES/FC.

What not many people know is that the game made it even to the triad of most popular Home Computers of the late '80s - early '90: namely the PC, the C64 and the Amiga.

These 3 versions share the same packaging down to the same instruction book although judging from the screen-shots, some significant differences seem to characterize each version, at least graphically. I was lucky enough to come across the PC version, which I immediately grabbed. It is probably the most common out of the 3 available ports but it is still very elusive.

The Commodore versions (Amiga and C64) seem even harder to find. I am particularly intrigued by the Amiga version since it seems to be more than just a port. It apparently features new, redrawn graphics and this alone makes it even more desirable to any Castlevania fan.

I am currently not equipped with the kind of PC required to run this game and probably never will but I could not resist to add another Castlevania game to my collection :)

Bottom line: One of the rarest Castlevania ports ever. n.a.










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