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Trine 2 (includes Trine 1)

version: pal (de), collector's edition - year: 2011 - developer: frozenbyte - publisher: focus home interactive - format: pc dvdrom, windows - condition: good - rarity: uncommon

This collector's edition comes with a code to download Trine 1 from Steam, and also includes the digital sountrack of Trine 2 on the DVD of the game itself and finally, a small soft-cover physical artbook is also included. Was sure worth 10 Euro!


Played on the following config:
HP Pavilion DV7-2185DX, CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 / 2 GHz, Windows 7 X64, 6GB RAM (800MHz DDR2), Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1 GB DDR3 RAM), Resolution of 1600x900.

Everything maxed out, AA Off.


Trine1 - The wizard can summon objects like boxes and planks to overcome obstacles and use them to defeat enemies. He has no other attacks though!


Trine1 - The knight is strong but heavy and can't really swim for obvious reasons


Trine1 - The thief can use a grappling hook on wooden surfaces and is armed with a bow


Trine2 - Graphically, a massive improvement over the first game


Trine2 - the attention to detail is impressive


Trine2 - another wonderful panorama


Trine2 - The octopus is holding some platforms for you to conveniently jump on. It is animated flawlessly...


Trine2 - Our knight here is pretending to be intellectual by looking at the painting


Trine2 - Bosses are included in this sequel, and they are drawn with a lot of skill


Trine2 - A series born in Helsinki, Finland


Trine2 - An evil presence is spying on the party through a magical orb


Trine2 - The variety of the levels is a big improvement over Trine1


Trine2 - The princess in distress at last...


Trine2 - ...guarded by a dreadful dragon. In motion, this part is priceless!


Review - Since Trine 1 is included in this package, I will give my impressions on both games.

Trine is a Fantasy action/platformer in which you control three characters with distinct abilities who can be hot-swapped to successfully deal with obstacles.

The Lost Vikings, a classic 16 bit game of the 1990s was based on this template, just like Trine.

Graphically, Trine looks impressive. Everything is clean and runs smoothly, although I would have appreciated greater variety in the levels which tend to look a bit samey.

Also, there aren't many different types of enemies to fight and there are basically no real bosses, just some medium-size enemies which only take a couple more hits to go down.

You don't even get to fight the final boss really, but this is a design-choice, since I guess that Trine is about the journey, not the destination.

Solving mild puzzles to advance and performing a number of acrobatic moves while fighting a little on the side, this is what Trine is all about.

Physics play a big role in the game in terms of how enemies and obstacles behave and this represents one of the defining features of Trine which feels different from most games out there.

The music and dialogues are also of very high quality and contribute to enhance the atmosphere of an adventure that will feel magical from start to finish. Just a word of advice though, play this one first and then move on to the sequel or else you'll end up maybe disappointed...

Bottom line: Well done to Frozenbyte! 8/10

Released two years after Trine, Trine 2 offers the same formula of action, platforming and physics-based puzzles but this time framed within absolutely outstanding graphics.

In fact, the graphics are improved so much that you’ll spend several minutes just looking at the gorgeous and intricate artwork of each and every level.

The amazingly detailed backgrounds saturated with colors, the beautifully characterized foregrounds and backgrounds parallax layers, the huge monsters animated fluidly and convincingly, the beefy enemies which look like they just jumped out of a Fantasy comic book and finally the atmosphere of mystery and magic will make you treasure the time you'll spend going through Trine 2.

On top of this, the epic music returns giving to the game an extra layer of epicness while the spoken dialogues retain the high standard of the first game and add even more humor.

As stated earlier, gameplay remains basically unchanged from the original Trine, but the overall increase in quality of the visuals launch Trine 2 straight into the stratosphere.

Bottom line: Trine 2 is easily one of the best-looking games I have ever laid my eyes upon. Simply unskippable. 10/10










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