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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

version: euro (uk), ltd edition - year: 2001 - developer: gray matter, nerve - publisher: activision - format: PCB - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon







































Review - Who doesn't remember Wolfenstein 3D that (along with Doom), created the FPS genre on Pc?

Well, I must admit that back when Wolfenstein 3D came out in 1992, I was busy with other gaming platforms so I basically missed out! But it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW), even if in all honesty, it is far from being a trend-setter like its predecessor.

RTCW is nevertheless a very well crafted FPS, with very cool graphics that range from claustrophobic crypts and catacombs to Nazi outposts, huge forests and of course, Castle Wolfenstein itself.

About the crypts, at one point you will be deep into the catacombs trying to find a way out and you'll get into a large room with 6 tombs, 3 on each side. The mist is covering the floor and the doors get suddenly locked. While you wait in this gloomy room, all kinds of creepy noises will really put your nerves to test. I was tempted to start shooting everywhere but ammo is a scarce resource...After a few seconds, the undead materialize from the mist and I start unloading like a madman on them. But they won't die. They take several bullets before going down and it is a matter a seconds before you get surrounded...This particular situation really scared the hell out of me!!

On a different note, the pure scale of some of the environments is truly breathtaking while the level design is fairly good without being exceptionally original.

While roaming Castle Wolfenstein's dungeons, you decide to take a moment of pause and look out a window. What you see outside almost hypnotizes you: huge mountains covered in snow, and the moonlight filters through the cloudy sky...You get lost in the magnificence of what you see, but then you realize time is running out so you sink back into Castle Wolfenstein and its cold, blood-stained walls, that have been testimony of horrible deeds for centuries...

About the characters, I think the Nazis do have some cool outfits but the girls tend to look more like S&M dominatrixes rather than German officers...It's not that I don't like leather pants on high heels but I just thought it almost felt I was shooting hookers rather than highly trained soldiers :)

Aside from that, the cosmetics are truly impressive and they will require quiet some processing power to be displayed smoothly. My P3 550 Mhz couldn't handle too well vast openings...

The music is very powerful and really made me want to crank the volume up while voice acting was actually pretty good for the most part.

The multiplayer game is similar to Team Fortress Classic as you have classes and objectives and this annoyed me since I am more for a free-for-all type of multiplayer experience but this doesn't mean that the multiplayer is bad. It just doesn't suit my taste.

To conclude, RTCW is a worthy sequel packed with entertaining action, cool guns and nice sniping situations.

The UK limited edition comes in a metal-like box and it includes a bonus "making of" disk, a sticker and a poster.

Bottom line: Not as genre-defining as the original Wolfenstein 3D, but still a worthy sequel with spectacular audio-visual and entertaining gameplay. Nazis and females in S&M outfits, you can't beat that ;) 8/10










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