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Nebula Fighter

version: ntsc/us - year: 1999 - developer: holodream software - publisher: egames - format: windows, pc-cdrom - condition: fair, no manual - rarity: uncommon

Nebula Fighter was included as part of this collection in North America.


The presentation brings to mind Project X and T-Zer0


Gameplay is surprisingly much smoother than most euro shooters


It is a rather easy game to go through though on normal mode


Bosses are mildly interesting


The rendered graphics still look good today


Time to deal with the last boss

Review - Developed by Italian coders at Holodream, Nebula Fighter is an obscure 2D side-scrolling shooter with glorious pre-rendered sprites and backgrounds, a heavy metal score with a tendency to go on an endless loop, and Japanese-style gameplay.

As a euro-shmup, this one must be one of the most unjustly underrated games, which may have something to do with its patchy distribution: in Europe, it was apparently released in super limited quantities by Midas Interactive Entertainment, while in North America, it saw the light as part of a compilation distributed by e-dreams (which is this one scanned on the left).

It may be worth mentioning that I couldn't get this game to work on Win7 x64, so I had to install it on Win XP SP3 where the installation process proved to be fast and painless.

Nebula Fighter proved to be a really welcome surprise in terms of graphics and more importantly gameplay.

One aspect I liked is that you can actually collect weapons from defeated bosses if you are fast enough.

Bottom line: All in all, with only 6 stages to go through, it won't be long before you see the end of Nebula Fighter, but what is there is certainly excellent! 7,5/10










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