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Mass Effect 2

version: pal (de), ea classics budget - year: 2010 - developer: bioware - publisher: electronic arts - format: windows pc, 2 dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

This is the German budget edition which also has full English voice-overs and subtitles. The paper manual is in German only. Also includes the Cerberus Network download code. The code gives access to the following additional DLC to be downloaded from bioware website: Normandy Crash Site, Zaeed The Price of Revenge, Cerberus Weapon and Armor, Arc Projector, Firewalker Pack. It took me about 34 hours to go through the main quest, the side-quests, and the Cerberus Network missions.


Played on the following config:
Laptop HP Pavilion DV7-2185DX, CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 / 2 GHz, Windows 7 X64, 6GB RAM (800MHz DDR2), Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1 Gig of DDR3 RAM), Resolution of 1600x900, All in-game graphical effects turned on and maxed out, average of 40 frames-per-second measured with Fraps.


The scars heal if your behavior is good. But you can also just be a heartless butcher and then purchase a med lab upgrade to get plastic surgery!


Alien lap dance is good


Some of the returning characters like Ashley Williams may give you a hard time emotionally especially if you had something going on in the first game ;)


You always move in a team of 3, just like in the prequel


Some of the cities have a Blade Runner flair


It's really awesome to be able to import your character from the previous game. It gives continuity to the story.


You're gonna have to make some tough calls with your squad members. Siding with one or the other may change your relationship with them permanently


Into the alien ship...


Legion is a very interesting character. His conscience is just the reflection of the collective conscience of his species


Some of the side-missions are simple but very catchy: here a hostile A.I. took over a spaceship and killed all of the crew. Hal 9000 anyone?!


Romance is back and you can choose your prey depending on the type you like


I like!


"The illusive man" is a cynical bastard and smokes electronic cigarettes like there is no tomorrow

The Normandy SR-2 is a great ship which can also be upgraded several times


Character models are even better in this sequel


Joker returns as the pilot of the Normandy


This is gonna hurt


H.R. Giger influence is evident in some of the aliens designs


The Normandy Crash-Site DLC mission is the only one you actually take alone


The Firewalker Pack includes missions both on-foot and aboard vehicles. Here, you just stare at a huge alien ball...or testicle...or whatever


Vehicle Missions are entirely optional and must be downloaded


Zaeed The Price of Revenge DLC allows you to recruit an extra team member. The location is simply gorgeous.

Review - Mass Effect 2 continues the saga of Commander Shepard right after the events which occurred in Mass Effect.

The neat thing is that you can either import your Save game file from the previous game or you can simply start a new character. Importing your character means that all the choices you made and the people who died as a result of those choices will be carried over to the story in Mass Effect 2.

What to say about this sequel? Using an analogy, I would say that it is just like the movie Alien 2 when compared to the original Aliens. This means that the whole story tends to be less mysterious and metaphysical and more centered around action and retribution. The sense of marvel and discovery of the unknown of first game has almost completely vanished since now you'll mainly be busy putting together a team of super soldiers to annihilate the alien threat.

What Mass Effect 2 lost in terms of atmosphere and higher-level philosophical thinking, it gained in accessibility and in spectacle.

This sequel improves the first game on a number of fronts: a tighter graphical engine with more varied and better-looking locations and some cool quick-time events during dialogues in which Shepard can perform spectacular actions. These events have the effect of accelerating some of the dialogues and are really a nice touch.

Vehicles are for the most part gone except for the Firewalker Mission Pack which is an optional DLC.

Despite the less intriguing story, Mass Effect 2 brings together tight shooting (basically unchanged from the first game), great characters you will actually care for, amazing voice acting, improved graphics and many hours of pure and undiluted fun.

Bottom line: A worthy sequel for a memorable Space Saga. Can't wait for the third chapter to come out now. 10/10










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