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Mass Effect 3

version: euro (uk) - year: 2012 - developer: bioware - publisher: electronic arts - format: pc, dvd-rom - condition: mint - rarity: common

If you are playing with female Shep, you'll be pleased to know you can flip the cover around and have the artwork for the game with female Shep instead of this one


Talking about disappointments, I initially couldn't import my Commander Shepard face from ME1/ME2 until Bioware came up with a patch


EDI, the A.I. from the Normandy got herself a physical body for this sequel, and she doesn't look half bad


Many of the returning characters will let you romance them, just make sure you choose wisely or you'll get stuck with whatever first choice you made, how terrible!


Some new enemies are particularly inspired and hard to get rid of


Some gameplay elements reminded me a bit of Dead Space, like this zero-gravity Space Walk


You can customize your aquarium and buy all kinds of cool sea-life, which of course I did


Time to kill some bugs!


Space is at times a bit crowded, I wonder if I'll find a parking spot


Do I really need to jump inside the energy beam? Really?


Done, and look at me now!


Three choices, three endings all very similar if you ask me


Excessive lens flare isn't good Bioware


Some characters will look very familiar, especially the journalists in ME3. This one is called Al-Jilani and she is very annoying so I did try to punch her in the teeth but she dodged my first attempt!


She also looks and sounds suspiciously like Hala Gorani from CNN!


Another journalist, Diana Allers which I got on the Normandy in the hopes of getting some action.


And she looks just like the pornstar Cody Lane... Another Coincidence??

Review - 5 years after the release of the original Mass Effect on the X-Box 360, the epic space saga of Commander Shepard finally comes to a close, but not without disappointments.

Graphically, ME3 includes some graphical enhancement which are meant to take advantage of more modern graphics cards but in my specific case, the graphics were far from being optimized.

Running ME3 on a Radeon HD4650 is weird because some of the graphics look fantastic but the shadows are basically screwed up and look like some black pixellated mess that wouldn't be out of place in a 10 years old pc game... The "hilarious" part is that this problem wasn't there on the two earlier games, so basically Bioware decided this time around(out of lazyness ?) to ignore some specific graphics cards which are perfectly capable of running the game...

Moving on to the music, at least things have remained consistent and Bioware was able to create a compelling soundtrack which lends itself perfectly to the game, so no complaints here.

Gameplay has moved again a bit more towards action, with puzzles being dropped out completely from the game.

Also, what I noticed is that Mass Effect 3 is a much darker game that the two previous chapters of the series and this shift in tone is even more apparent towards the end of the game. I thought that this aspect was particularly well done, and the sense that everything may be coming to an end in the final face off against the reapers is conveyed beautifully by the color palette used, by the various conversations around you, by the logs that you can decide to inspect on deserted desks and by talking to your squad mates.

Concerning the controversial ending, I was really surprised by how vocal fans have been about their disappointment. In my opinion, the ending(s) are actually fairly good and really, I do not see the need to either change them, or to add additional cut-scenes to explain things more in depth. Why does everything need always to be spelled out down to the tiniest of detail? Why can't the writers leave some ambiguity so that each player can elaborate his own theory on how things may have exactly gone? This is a work of fiction and as such, the creators should be entitled to chose the ending they see fit.

Bottom line: Anyways, don't let the graphical imperfections or the bad publicity about the ending change your mind about playing this game: it is worth every cent and then some! 9/10










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