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Mass Effect

version: pal (uk), ea value games reprint - year: 2008 - developer: demiurge/bioware - publisher: electronic arts - format: windows pc, 2 dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

The EA Value edition is a budget reprint which comes with a pdf manual on disc and two DVDs (the second needed to install other languages than English). Once the game is installed, it runs directly off the HardDrive.
Game played on the following config:
Laptop HP Pavilion DV7-2185DX, CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 / 2 GHz, Windows 7 X64, 6GB RAM (800MHz DDR2), Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1 Gig of DDR3 RAM)
with a resolution of 1600x900. It was enough to play the game with all effects maxed out and it ran flawlessly.


My own personal Shepard


Dialogue are always interesting


The dialogue wheel offers choices to the player on how to deal with characters and situations. A clever system.


Planets are beautifully rendered and include varied locations from sandy beaches to icy mountains.


You can have a maximum of three characters in your squad at any given time.


The film grain effect can be enabled to have more of a movie feel, although in the end, I prefer not to have it because the graphics look cleaner without.


Checking out what's beyond the cliff


The council will give you more than a headache during the game. Friends or foes? It will be up to you to make up your mind


Bring Down The Sky is a free DLC which can be downloaded from EA's website or by contacting EA Customer Support. I could not get a CD Key for it, so I contacted EA and they emailed me one within 24 hrs. Great service!


The BDTS DLC is rather short but the mission is really entertaining and a new rogue alien race makes its appearance.


Eventually, down the road, you'll be given the option to get it on with one of the crew members (or more?!)


The forest setting is simply gorgeous


Some enemies will give you a hard time here so advance with caution


Handling of the vehicle takes some time to get used to


Here, speed straight to the portal without bothering to shoot enemies, they are too strong and will annihilate you within seconds


Shooting sections are wonderfully executed


A SCI-FI series with your own personal hero is born!

Review - The title Mass Effect refers to the fictional “mass effect physics” which according to the game allowed humanity and alien races to unlock faster-than-light travel.

Set in a universe which blends popular culture phenomena such a Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, Mass Effect is pure shock and awe. Everything about its universe and about the playing experience has been done with absolute mastery.

First thing first, the character creation tool at the beginning of the game features a nice level of detail and great polygon models. Bioware took things forward by allowing you to see the character you created in all cut-scenes and by even allowing to import saves from Mass Effect to the sequels, which means your appearance and your choices will be carried over from one game to the next. As simple as this sounds, it’s pure genius as it helps identifying yourself with your avatar and makes the playing experience feel unique from one player to the other.

Mass Effect has been ported from Xbox 360 to PC by Demiurge Studios which has upgraded the graphics and the interface of the original. Running on the Unreal Engine 3, Mass Effect for PC looks polished, smooth and really tight.

I played the game with all effects on, and there has never been a slowdown or a drop in frame rate during my playthrough which was done on a modest PC configuration. This really tells miles about the expertise and the talent of the people who programmed this game (and its port).

Graphically, not only character models are detailed and animated flawlessly, but the background graphics are varied and beautiful. Only in some rare instances some textures will look not as detailed as you may expect.

What is even more impressive is that loading times between section are unintrusive and fast and this has the effect of never breaking the flow of the adventure.

The music and sound effects do their part and a lot more than that too, as you’ll soon realize. The closing song at the credits roll is the classic cherry on the cake too…

Gameplay mixes and matches elements from a 3rd person shooter with mild RPG stuff like exploration and character upgrades and development. What is awesome is that depending on your actions, you’ll be leaning more towards being a good or a bad guy, which has consequences with the relations with your team and with your enemies. The shooting sections are really well done, the cover system is intuitive and your teammates A.I. is surprisingly smart and reactive.

Bottom line: The Space Opera feel of the saga and the cinematic sections involve and surprise. There is no doubt about this: Mass Effect is to videogames what Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica are for TV: undisputed Sci-Fi landmarks. Hail to Mass Effect!!! 10/10










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