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F.E.A.R.+2 Expansions

version: euro (it) , budget - year: 2005-06-07 - developer(s): monolith - time gate (expansions) - publisher: sierra - format: pc dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

Italian Budget version, came with TGM



Fear is an interesting take on the tactical FPS genre as it mixes special ops elements with pure horror movies elements, visibly borrowed by The Ring, The Shining and such, just to name of few. What this means is that you'll find yourself advancing into hostile areas while intermittent flashes will literally make you fall into a disturbing parallel universe of bloodshed and massacres.

Is this real? Are you having nightmares with your eyes wide open?! As you'll get deeper into the game, from one empty-looking city to the next, from one deserted office to the next, from one messy open space to the next, you'll gradually come to realize the confusing truth behind your “horrible visions”.

Gameplay-wise, your particular ESP-like abilities allow you to activate a spiritual meter allowing you to become much faster than your enemies for a short amount of time. This translates into furious fire-fights against overwhelming enemy forces. You can dodge bullets Matrix-style and rain death on your assailants like if you were reaping a field!

This gameplay twist is welcome and adds some pepper to an otherwise slightly flat playing experience. What I mean is that levels tend to be very repetitive and overall, the graphics didn't age too well. Also, the fact that the city looks so empty limits the sense of being immersed into a believable playing universe as levels will sometimes look like empty boxes!

In the end, despite it flaws, FEAR is a worthy FPS which tries to introduce some new elements into a crowded genre. Worth a play.


This expansion which requires the original game to work was developed not by Monolith Productions but by TimeGate Studios.

More of the same really, with a few additional weapons better graphics definitely improved with better polygonal models and richer variety and detail into the backgrounds.

The atmosphere isn't as involving as the original game though.


This second expansion is standalone and was again developed by TimeGate Studios.

This time around, gameplay is much closer to a tactical FPS with the horror/hallucination aspects not as present. A different, yet very playable offer.

Bottom line: Fear has interesting "horror" elements and provides a fair amount of fun although by now the original game is technically obsolete, while the sequels play more like a generic fps....7/10










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