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Crysis Warhead

version: pal (uk, ea classics reprint) - year: 2008 - developer: crytek - publisher: electronic arts - format: windows, pc dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

An internet connection is required to activate the game, which is a common and sad practice for PC games but once installed, no disc is required to play. This EA Classics reprint Includes the Multiplayer add-on disk CrysisWar. No paper instruction manual is provided with this edition of Crysis Warhead as it is just provided on the disk.


A graphical tour-de-force


Here, a guard is taking a leak


Vehicles are back and provide variety to the missions


Sometimes, atmospheric conditions such as snow or rain will make the frame rate drop significantly. And that's when you go back to the configuration menu and decrease the quality of some of the graphical effects...


Crysis Warhead is a short game with only a few enemy types to fight




Mounted guns leave you more vulnerable but will give you the edge almost always if your aim is sharp


Deeper and deeper into the jungle...


The bad guy is evil, has bad skin and has super resistant sun glasses


Here, our hero tries to save a soldier a little too enthusiastically for my taste


In the carcass of the cargo plane, the super weapon awaits...

Review - Crysis Warhead was released after Crysis and is basically a side-story of the original game.

More an expansion rather than a proper sequel, it features an improved graphics engine which is also optimized for use on less powerful PCs and I can confirm that the game runs better than the first Crysis on my laptop.

In all truth, a lot of tweaking is still required to get the game running at an acceptable frame-rate which means a miserable 10 to 15 frames per second but that includes a decent amount of graphical effects and details turned on. On my ATI Mobility HD 4650, the game runs more or less smoothly (but still a bit slow) on the GAMER's settings, at 1600x900 with no anti-aliasing and v-synch.

Crysis Warhead is very similar to Crysis both in terms of settings and gameplay. The beautifully rendered tropical paradise retains its great impact with sandy beaches, dense jungles and this time around, a number of animals populating the environments.

The nanosuit with its enhancing capabilities is back as well, and provides some diversity in terms of the tactics you can use to take on the enemies.

Crysis Warhead doesn't really shine for the story or the gameplay. What really makes it stand out from most First Person Shooters are the graphics and the gorgeous open levels. Because of this, make sure your PC can handle the game on GAMER or ENTHUSIAST settings otherwise, what makes Crysis Warhead so attractive will suddenly disappear and you will be left with another generic and maybe even ugly-looking FPS in your gaming library.

Bottom line: If you enjoyed the original Crysis and have the right PC to run the show, you will surely enjoy this half-sequel as it brings back all the ingredients from the previous chapter and more importantly, it will push your PC and graphics card to melting temperature levels!










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