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W Ring - The Double Rings -

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: naxat - publisher: naxat - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Developed by Naxat


Level 2 has the customary Aliens-like setting.


The boss is a Rooster. Watch out for the bird flu...


Stage 3 (Neptune) features a beautiful water environment complete with tons of parallax and amazing waterfalls


Ready for some blazing fast action in high-tech tunnels?


Stage 6 is crowded with tiny little enemies that won't stop bugging you


After finishing stage 6, Stage X will show up (on normal mode). If you lose all your ships, you are sent back to level 6...Is this really the last stage? If anybody feels like beating Expert mode, let me know the answer!


the end??

Review - W-Ring the Double Rings is a traditional side-scrolling shooter with tiny sprites and spacious levels, a bit like what you would find in Gradius.

In particular, the first stage is very reminiscent of Konami's flagship 2D shooter although the similarities end pretty much here.

Graphically, W Ring puts the PCE chips to good use. Levels look sharp, detailed and the scrolling is often very fast like for example in level 5 where the scrolling accelerates to an insane level of speed (a bit like in Aeroblasters). Here, the speed-adjustment function (up to 3 different levels) proves its usefulness.

Occasionally, when things get too busy (especially on expert mode), some flickering will occur and unfortunately it can get into your way and even make you lose a ship if you are not lucky.

The music is standard Hucard stuff and it is not that memorable. I guess W Ring gets its name from the weapons system. When you collect any of the floating pods, you will not only get more powerful weapons but you'll also get a rotating ring around your ship that will work as a shield.

The weapons selection is fairly large although I often ended up using the blue laser beam a lot. It doesn't have a wide range but it is very powerful (plus you can cover most of the screen with it by moving your ship a lot).

On easy mode, W Ring is a walk in the park but it doesn't even let you see the hidden Stage X (which looks a bit like the fire level in Thunder Force III).

To see Stage X, you will need to play the game on normal mode, which is only slightly more challenging. Now, I don't know if by finishing the game on normal mode, you get the real ending! I say this because upon completing the game, the ship flies back home but all of a sudden, an alarm sounds and a new alien invasion takes place. Then, the game sends you back to level 1 on expert mode. Is the game supposed to be over this way, or is there a further ending? I honestly didn't finish the game on Expert mode, because it felt excessively challenging and flickering got quickly on my nerves…

Besides this, W Ring is a nice addition to the PCE library although it doesn't break new grounds.

Bottom line: a playable little shmupper but no masterpiece here....6,5/10










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