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Valis III

version: jp, usa - year: 1990/1992 - developer: telenet japan - publisher: telenet japan, turbo technologies - format: pc engine cd, turbo grafx 16, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

US cover: Ok now why does she look like a transvestite?


Jp cover: the Japanese artwork is probably better...


Valis III PC Egine OST


Valis III Attack Special Guide Book






Missed again. Come on woman!


and this is the proof that the monster of Lochness exists


What the hell are you doing on top of the column like a fool?


what happened to your ears?!


The usual cut-scenes

Review - I like Valis but I don't remember much of this one. I remember it being pretty tough though but it might be rewarding.

Bottom line: to be played.










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