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Valis Visual Collection

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: telenet - publisher: laser soft- format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint, w/o spine - rarity: hard to find


Initially, the artwork isn't very colorful..
...but things get better throughout
Man or women?
Look at his right eye and you'll understand what I mean by amateurish art




Review - Valis Visual Collection is a compilation of all of the cut-scenes present in Valis II, III, IV.

For some unfathomable reason, Valis I was excluded from this CD. Anyway, you might also notice that the cover says Laser Soft Visual Collection Vol.2. Well, Vol.1 has actually nothing to do with the series but it is rather a compilation of Cosmic Fantasy's cut-scenes.

Back in the early '90s, Valis cut-scenes were probably impressive despite a certain amateurish trait of some of its drawings. Today, these cut-scenes aren't very impressive. That is not to say that this CD is not worth of your attention, but just don't expect to be amazed by the drawings quality.

Consider this: Valis II cut-scenes feature small drawings that often are not even full screen, poorly animated (if at all) and use a very limited color palette. Add to that the fact that all speeches are in Japanese (no English subtitles or anything) and that each chunk of cut-scene needs to load and you get a picture of what to expect. That was for the bad part.

The good news is that the quality of the drawings, their size, the color palette and the animations become better as you move from Valis II to III and IV. Although drawings never reach the quality of games such as Fausseté Amour, they become better.

Another cool thing is that you can watch all of the cut-scenes of a particular game n a continueous flow, linked together.

To conclude, if you are a fan of the Valis series, you will probably want to hunt this CD down. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find so expect to pay a bit of money when it surfaces.

Bottom line: for the fans of the Valis series only....6,5/10











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