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Summer Carnival '92 Alzadick [The 2nd Tournament Official Soft]

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: naxat - publisher: naxat - format: PCB - condition: mint, w/o spine - rarity: uncommon

There are 4 types of power up available


There are even parallax effects in the backgrounds

Review - Summer Carnival '92 is not really a game as it only features a couple of levels and 3 playing modes: time attack, score attack and story.

Information on why this CD doesn't include a full game isn't really available. After some research on the net, I found that Alzadick was used in a competition called Hudson 's Summer Caravan. The time attack and score attack mode were known as Caravan Modes so basically Alzadick belongs to the “Caravan Shooters” type.

The cover of the game clearly states that Alzadick is “the 2nd tournament official soft”. I am not sure what game was used in 1991 but Summer Carnival '93 Nexzr Special (aka Nexzr) was probably the game used in the following year for that event.

Besides all of this, Alzadick is a very short but pleasant shooter. The audio-visuals are definitely of high quality while gameplay is simple but tight. I wouldn't spend huge money on it, but this game is worth a look if you are a shmups fanatic or a collector.

There are rumors on the net of an obscure Famicom version, but to my knowledge Alzadick is a PCE exclusive. N.B. I discovered that rumored game to be in fact Recca...

Bottom line: short caravan shooting game, with decent graphics and gameplay....6,5/10










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