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version: jp - year: 1994 - developer: nec - publisher: nec - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Run like hell trying to avoid the mines and then, jump for your life!


Strider on PCE is a competent port although graphically it falls short compared to the coin op


The mechanical gorilla is one cool mid-level boss


climb steep walls


even up-side down!


In the Amazon Forest level, don't fall from the tree-branches or voracious piranhas will eat you alive


Here, take your dino-pet for a walk in the park


This is one of the toughest parts in the game


Travel on the back of the worm, kill him after that and meet the final boss!


Extra Stage: The extra level must be activated in the option screen to play it (after level 1)


Extra stage: The mid-level boss is easy. Just wait for him to jump out of the sand and try not to fall down


Extra stage: The boss brings out some serious firepower

Review - The year is 2048 and you are Strider Hiryu, a futuristic ninja armed with a lethal energy blade called Falchion. The mission?

Infiltrate the enemy base to get rid of Grandmaster Meio, an evil being who wants to take over our planet. Flying with your glider, you land somewhere in Soviet Union and immediately an alarm breaks out loudly and hell is unleashed upon you…

Without doubts, Strider is one of the most inspired arcade games that Capcom ever produced. Developed on the glorious CPS-1 board in 1989, it squeezed that hardware to the ultimate bit to deliver one of the finest 2D side-scrolling action/platformer ever.

Graphically well ahead of its time, it still impresses today with its amazing level-design, huge bosses and varied levels. Even Hiryu animations were gorgeous, with tons of frames animating him in some of the coolest poses and moves ever seen. Now you might ask, how does the PCE version compares to the glorious arcade game?

For the most part, Strider on PCE made the transition well although this port is definitely not arcade-perfect (for that, you should go for the PSOne version).

Given that the game runs on 8bit hardware, some concessions had to be made. For example, the color palette has been reduced and some of the parallax scrolling has been eliminated. Also, the main character seems to have lost some frames of animations so overall, Strider on PCE looks worse than both the Mega Drive and the Arcade versions. I am sure Nec could have come up with a MegaDrive-beating port with that forever rumored Supergrafx port though :) By now, it would appear that this PCE port isn't worth it but actually, it does have some very interesting additions.

The music has been entirely redone taking advantage of the CD format, while the intro has been revamped also adding some nicely done cut-scenes and intermissions (some of which include cool 3D elements).

Noticeably, an extra level has been added exclusive to this port and although not as visually inspired as the rest of the game, it is certainly a welcome addition. In the end, if you already played the original arcade game and want to have a little more insight in the plot (via the great cut-scenes present only here) or just want to play the extra level, you wouldn't be doing a mistake to pick up Strider for PCE.

Bottom line: a worthy port of the arcade masterpiece with an extra level as a bonus. Just not coin-op perfect though. 7,5/10











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