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Rayxanber III

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: data west - publisher: data west - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The boss homing projectiles will dangerously zoom out when close to your ship


The weapon system has been retained from the previous chapter, although now your arsenal is definitely more effective


Here, the scrolling will go backward. Carefully dodge the eyes


Game over. That was an easy ride :)

Review - There is no denial that Rayxanber III is more fun to play than any of the previous games in the series.

It also looks for the most part better. Backgrounds are much more detailed although they entirely lack parallax scrolling. This isn't that annoying though considering the graphical quality of Data West's game.

In one section, you'll be flying in a half-flooded cavern and the deformation effect of the backgrounds in the water looks amazing. The level of detail is almost as rich as in Pulstar! Bosses often take up a big chunk of the screen and they look genuinely threatening. The shellfish theme that permeates all of the 6 level (ships, enemies and bosses included) really looks fantastic.

The music is again similar to Rayxanber II although slightly less inspired. The closing chapter of the Rayxanber trilogy is without any doubt, the most accessible. This is visible right from the title screen since the game let's you choose between “standard” and “maniac” mode. The developers certainly took notice of what the critique had to say about Rayxanber II, so gameplay has been largely revised.

The check point system has been retained from the earlier game, although now when you lose all your ships, you won't be sent to the beginning of the level but you'll restart from the last checkpoint you reached.

To advance in the game, you won't have to rely on patterns memorization anymore and even weapons effectiveness (a big issue in Rayxanber II) has been increased by a great margin.

All these revisions rendered the use of the power-thrust a bit useless. You will hardly ever even feel the need to escape from enemies since you'll simply destroy them all.

In the end, all these changes totally reshaped the classic Rayxanber gameplay to the point that this third chapter feels almost like it shouldn't belong to the series. Is this good or bad? Well, it really depends.

Personally, I like challenging shooters so I felt like Rayxanber III kind of betrayed the spirit of the earlier games. It made maybe too many concessions to appeal to a wider audience and it certainly was successful. It is nicely crafted and is great fun to play but the price paid to make it easier hasn't been light. I finished it (on standard mode) in a little hour of play.

Interestingly, upon beating it, screenshots of Rayxanber II will scroll by ( including the last room!). Anyway, as things stand this shooter is still worth the detour, just don't expect it to keep you up late nights in trying to better your playing style to the extreme.

Bottom line: more accessible than the two previous chapters and for that, Rayxanber III feels a bit watered down despite the better graphics...7,5/10











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