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Paranoia aka Psychosis

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: naxat - publisher: naxat - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: near mint - rarity: slight

This Hindu boss has a very dangerous spread attack


Here, you better be equipped with a shield. Aim at the head and keep on moving around to avoid the serpent-wolves or whatever they are


The last boss at last...Hit the mask first


and then, destroy the face underneath it while carefully avoiding the spheres


Finished? A green hand comes out of nowhere and says...no!


"Welcome to Paranoia World II... " Welcome to your annihilation!


That's right, this little alien bastard gives you the finger when you make it passed a level and he even garbles something similiar to "f**k you"! Now, this certainly provides a good motivation to wipe out alien races from space, right?!


Interesting Secrets!


1) as soon as level 1 starts, save the worm...


2)....before it gets sexually assaulted by horny spiky blue thingies lol


3) Fairies will then come help you out temporarily against the first boss!


4) Get to level 4 without dying and a turtle will come protect you from falling bricks

Review - Naxat little known game has a very unusual name for a shooter.

According to some online sources, Paranoia means “extreme and irrational distrust of others.” What this has to do with the actual game I have no clue, but the game actually made it to America under the more appropriate name Psychosis, which in turn means being unable to distinguish between the real world and the imaginary world.

In fact, it almost seems as if our little ship will undertake a trip of the mind, where Salvador Dali-influenced surroundings will merge with “acid” bright visuals and obsessive music.

Underneath the unusual presentation though, you'll find Paranoia to be a pretty common side-scrolling shooter.

The design of the ship itself is rather weak too, and the game has only 5 levels. There are no smart bombs and you only have 3 continues to go through it. It's one of those shooters where when you get killed, you get sent to the last checkpoint with the basic weapon set-up. This makes it very challenging but not impossible.

I actually managed to finish the first loop using only 1 ship in my first gaming session. But when I thought I made it, I got sent back to the first level for the second loop (Expert Mode).

The second loop is a real nighmare. Here, if you're not powered up, you get wiped out in seconds by faster than light bullets so the only way I see to be able to go through it would be to finish the game twice without ever losing a ship…This is extremely hard to do and I'd say it borders pure shmupping insanity…

Paranoia is indeed extreme. A trippy voyage into an imaginary place where you have to break free from the limits of the mind to cope with the impossible! An obsessive trip of the mind then, for an LSD-shmup!

Bottom line: a decent shooter with an interesting graphical theme, but the second loop is ridiculously hard....6/10











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