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Iga Ninden Gaoh aka Iga Ninden Gaou

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: nihon bussan co. ltd / nichibutsu - publisher: nichibutsu - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: near mint - rarity: slight


An interesting Ninja action game


The intro and animated cut-scenes are definitely well done


As you can see, nudity doesn't seem to represent an issue in this game


She looks harmless doesn't she? Wait for her to show her true form!


This guy is dying in your arms, wounded to death with blood depicted everywhere on his body


Thunders are beautifully drawn and animated


Artistic, don't you think?


"Kirk to Enterprise: Two to beam up!"


The end

Review - Nichibutsu's take on the Ninja action platformer genre is an interesting one, if only because it doesn't feel like a Capcom or Konami blockbuster of that time and this is visible from the adult approach the artists took when depicting nudity and gore.

Despite the slightly slow controls which are borderline sluggish, the excessively long text-dialogues and the uneven quality of the graphics, Iga Ninden Gaoh is strangely involving. It is one of these games that have flaws that don't detract too much from the gaming experience.

Sure, levels tend to look flat as there is no parallax scrolling and sometimes the color palette seems to be misused but when you start to feel you are wasting time playing the game, it will surprise you with unexpected stylish touches. Thunders are beautifully drawn for example, and some bosses have a particularly inspired design.

Also, the main character is well animated and moves around elegantly in the game's world, which beautifully merges feudal Japan with a Sci-Fi flavoured setting. At one point, you'll even have to destroy bits and pieces of a huge space battle-ship, R-Type style!

The music is well done and convincingly enhances the experience, punctuating the main events with a dramatic and empowering soundtrack.

Gameplay doesn't really bring anything new to the table. You have a decent array of moves at your disposal, and you can perform cool-looking magic attacks by collecting scrolls. The difficulty of the game reaches higher peaks in levels with platforming sections where missed jumps will make you lose a life.

Difficulty is set the way it should as the game is neither too easy nor frustratingly hard and despite their threatening look, most of the bosses you'll encounter won't pose too many problems once you understand their pattern.

In the end, this game is not a classic but if you played most of the ninja action games out there, you might want to give this one a shot. It is not memorable although it provides a good amount of old-fashioned fun!

Bottom line: a fair ninja action game, which is entertaining for a few hours....6/1o










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