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Gunhed aka Blazing Lazers

version: jp - year: 1989 - developer: toho/ sunrise - w/ compile cooperation - publisher: hudson - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


Gunhed is very fast and pretty challenging. Lose a life and it's back to the last checkpoint. Lose a continue and it's back to the beginning of the level.


Levels aren't too hard initially and your ship can take a few hits if powered up.


Bosses look often inspired


From this level, things start to become more challenging.


The path to the last boss is exhausting. Chances are that when (or if) you reach this point, your concentration will be going down-hill


The second form of the boss isn't too hard but it takes a lot of bullets before switching to the 3rd and final form...

Review - Gunhed is usually seen as the prequel of Super Star Soldier, and although the two games share a number of elements, Gunhed has actually been developed with Compile's cooperation.

Being a late Hucard release, it manages to squeeze the limited memory capacity of the format and manages to deliver the equivalent of an atomic bomb right into your Pc Engine!

If you smell burnt plastic and see smoke coming out of your system, it is perfectly normal because Gunhed will do that to your PCE and if you try to finish it on your first try (just like I did), it will make you beg for mercy. Be it for the incredibly fast scrolling, or the relentless action on screen, you will hardly even have the time to blink. Gunhed was designed for the Terminators of the shmups community, and it leaves no room for any human hesitation.

The aggressive soundtrack (at times reminiscent of Devil Crash) will push you even further down into the galactic madness, while you'll be sucked in an incredibly hostile alien universe where all living creatures seem to live for only one purpose: your destruction!

If you decide to undertake this incredible challenge in the realm of pure shmupping madness, get ready to be drained physically and mentally. It will be a proving experience only to get to the final level and once you'll make it there, Armageddon will be unleashed upon you.

I got to the last boss as close as I could to its last form just to be destroyed by a stupid little predictable missile. I got there exhausted and after that I tried many more times to get there again, only to be repeatedly humiliated and mocked by near to impossible to avoid alien patterns. To make it to the last boss again, I had to wait for a glimpse of inspiration which elevated my playing skills just for enough seconds to bring me to ultimate glory. But time was running out, outside the sky was already deep blue and I could feel my blood pulsating in my head. And the last boss was there, waiting for me, again. And again he punished me beyond redemption because I blinked when I wasn't supposed to. Or maybe the fumes of exhaustion were taking over as I saw my ship explode in a billion pieces, almost in slow-motion.

Discouraged and crushed in spirit, my soul scarred by the defeat, I had to give up and as I crashed on my bed, intermittent images of this incredible race for survival flashed back and forth in my mind. It was an incredible challenge, and maybe no mere mortal could have made it through this. Welcome to shooting hell. Welcome to the ultimate thermo-nuclear breakdown. Welcome to the world of Gunhed.

Bottom line: an insane yet amazing descent into space hell; unforgiving just as it sounds....9/10











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