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Final Soldier

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: hudson - publisher: hudson - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: mint - rarity: slight


Weapons look cooler compared to Super Star Soldier


Final Soldier is not very challenging, except for the last level






Review - Final Soldier is the sequel of Super Star Soldier (SSS) but despite its name, it's not the final chapter in the saga.

For this sequel, Hudson tweaked a number of things, and as a result, the playing experience feels significantly different.

For one thing, when you lose a ship, you'll respawn exactly where you were last killed. Moreover, it's possible to collect “options” Gradius-style and even to sacrifice them using them as powerful smart bombs. Also, the weapons system has been altered and you can choose up to three variants of the same weapon-set up. Moreover, now it's possible to choose the difficulty level without having to input any hidden code.

After all these enhancements, Final Soldier should be even better than SSS right? Unfortunately, much of what made SSS such an excellent game has vanished here, replaced by generic bosses, and average graphics.

Even the admittedly inspired music sounds a bit rustling while sampled speech is just painful to hear.

These words shouldn't be interpreted as a death sentence because Final Soldier still has some redeeming qualities like the last stage for example.

The level immediately starts out with a fight with an angry boss which charges you head-on and he'll keep on hunting you throughout, retreating when he takes enough damage only to come back more pissed off than ever! You'll have to keep on firing like a maniac to eventually expose his true form. In the meantime, all kinds of cool floating brains and weird space molluscs (yes, they do exist and apparently they infest the universe!) will attempt to block your advance while you'll be flying against a cool-looking distorted background. This is maybe the only level that manages to bring some excitement in a shooter which otherwise feels a bit uninspired.

In the end, Final Soldier isn't the most exciting shooter on PCE but it still has its share of inspired moments.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a classic shmup to use as a gap-filler, you'll be ok. Just don't expect a masterpiece. 6,5/10










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