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Fausseté Amour

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: aim - publisher: naxat - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint, w/o spine - rarity: hard to find


Valis has a serious contender!


Maybe it's the naive look of the in-game graphics, or maybe it's the color palette used but Fausseté Amour feels "warm"


Bosses often morph into meaner forms


The character design is top-notch while cut-scenes feature a generous amount of frames and use the CD ROM format to great effect


This shot has been taken with my cell phone ;)







Review - Fausseté Amour (FA) is a little known Valis-style platformer that blends truly excellent character design with fairly hard gameplay.

In the typical fashion of this kind of games, your quest will take you through 7 levels set in different geographical areas. In this order, you will travel through forests, rivers, ice caverns, lava pits, dungeons, sky palaces amidst clouds and finally, the Castle where the evil "Goat Bone" himself resides.

At the end of each stage, you will have to fight the usual boss fight with enemies that will gradually become harder as you make progress in the game. If the 1st stages can be easily completed in no time, as you approach level 4 (lava), things start to get stickier. In fact, up until that point, I was going through the quest very quickly until I found out that at the end of the stage, the teleport took me back to the beginning of the level and not to the boss fight…After that, I suddenly realized that the red crystals I was collecting actually served a purpose.

In effect, you'll need to collect 3 red crystals to be able to fight the boss in every level. This is a minor hinderance though because enemies will often drop them throughout the levels.

For me, things really started to heat up by level 5 where you'll have to make your way upward in a very cool-looking dungeon (that mimic 3D with a very nice graphical touch), while lava will be quickly flooding the place. A missed jump or any contact at all with the deadly fluid and you lose a life! The level is particularly hard because it requires the player to master all of the moves perfectly. This means you'll have to learn to use your weapon which can also work as a grappling hook to reach apparently inaccessible platforms. When the clock is ticking and every missed jump equals your doom, getting this level right will take some time, especially because many dangerous enemies will shoot stuff at you, even homing projectiles! Luckily, you can use a special magic weapon that can often take you out of trouble. Tapping down on the directional cross and pressing button II on the pad will unleash the attack. This is initially cumbersome but practise will be your best ally in this case.

One thing that annoyed me a bit about FA is that sometimes you'll be stepping on some platform from where it will be impossible to know where you'll end up if you jump off of it. "Blind" jumps are a design flaw that should have been addressed but luckily these situations don't happen too often.

Graphically, FA features bright, colourful graphics that are beautiful to look at although the heroine could have used some additional frames of animation. When your character gets hit, you'll lose your armor, leaving her…in her underwear much like in Ghouls'n'Ghosts. As of the backgrounds, there is no parallax scrolling so the game's graphics lack a bit of depth. Bosses are big and very well drawn and will require you to find a certain pattern to get rid of them while cut-scenes feature amazingly detailed hand-drawn pictures, often well animated (well at least for the time). I was actually very impressed with their quality and I am thinking of some incredibly cool sequences towards the end of the game where they become comparable to high-quality anime series.

The audio part of the game is also well taken care off. Voice acting (in Japanese) is rarely annoying while both the music and sound-effects are CD quality. To conclude, FA is a nice fantasy platformer in the same vein as Valis. Hard but entertaining game-play, cool bosses, awesome cut-scenes and amazing character design all contribute to enhance FA's gaming experience.

Bottom line: a nice Valis clone which is actually better than most Valis games....8/10










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