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Dracula X - Rondo of Blood

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: fair, w/o spine - rarity: slight

The long intro, spoken in German, sets the right mood. I have a question though: isn't Dracula supposedly from Transylvania which happens to be a region in Romania? My point being: the equation Germany = Romania is false


yuk! what is this smell?


This intro scene is great. The sound effects in particular are extremly well done


Magic can come in very handy at times


time for some hardcore whipping action!


There is some strong Judeo-Christian imagery...


Please notice the artful nature of the graphics.


Maria is tiny but second to none (maybe)


Maria has a few tricks up her sleeve...like for example now she is running to hide in a corner

Review - I bought this game a long time ago when the internet wasn't really widely available yet and when Dracula X wasn’t that hyped. After loading it for the first time, I got literally assaulted by a sense of awe, amazement and pure happiness. Why?

Simply because this game is actually damn good. It looks like its running on some other 16 bit platform. The backgrounds are amazing in their detail and Richter’s animation is very convincing.

The music is incredible, the cinemas are a treat and the German intro really sets the right mood.

It's not a rare game but demand is always very high for this one.

Bottom line: If the Pc Engine has become so popular in the west despite its patchy distribution, most of the merit can go directly to this game....9/10











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