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Down Load 2

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: nec - publisher: nec - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Down Load 2 artwork is still pretty good


Levels look sharp and vibrant with colors


Down Load 2 introduces a cool time-travelling element


Time to study some Roman history!


Sand Castles are for beginners, check this out!


The game suddenly turns into a medieval-fantasy shooter


Get naked (what the!?) to get into cyber space !


If you like naked men and swastikas, Down Load 2 is the game you've been waiting for


If you thought Hitler was dead, you should reconsider. Apparently he is hiding somewhere in cyberspace, maybe along with Bin Laden?


...mission completed!

Review - Down Load 2 comes out a year after the prequel and it abandons the HuCard format to adopt the more advanced CD format.

Once again, you'll find yourself fighting enemies both in the real world and in the network but this time a time-travelling element has been added to complicate the plot a bit. Unfortunately, the story is strictly in Japanese so I didn't have a very clear picture of what went on. What I know is that the developers pumped almost every aspect of the game to take advantage of the CD format.

Graphically, Down Load truly proves its might as it effortlessly displays amazingly high-quality levels which explode with details, colors, parallax, enemies and bosses. Technically, a couple of levels really push the PCE hardware to the limit, and the result puts to shame most of the Mega Drive and Super Famicom shooters I can think of. The Hindu level with its kaleidoscopical graphics should be considered a benchmark of the PC Engine capabilities! Each level marks a clear departure from the previous and enemy waves are constantly revamped with new and cooler looking enemies.

The music is again extremely well done although this time it isn't as immersive and as spacey as in the prequel since it now leans a bit towards rock. It is of course CD quality and the sound effects also benefited from the CD format.

Gameplay has been revised and unlike in the prequel, you won't have to choose your weapon before starting a level but you'll be able to swap weapons at any time during play. The secondary weapon is unfortunately gone though. Also, gone is the life bar and instead you'll have a stock of 5 ships.

Finally, the password system has also been dropped. Down Load 2 is still a pretty challenging shooter but is way easier compared to Down Load.

In the end, I honestly think Down Load 2 deserves more than a download (sorry, I just couldn't resist hehe) because it provides an excellent gaming experience accessible to most. Play it on the real machine only to witness the awesomeness of certain levels, you won't believe it's happening on your PCE!!

Bottom line: this game right here shows you why the pc engine has been considered for years as the best gaming platform for shooters....9/10











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