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Devil Crash aka Dragon's Fury

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: naxat - publisher: nec - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


Up: Notice how the graphics of the main board are cleaner compared to the MD vers


Up: In general, bonus stages are better on MD


PCE vers. The definition seems to be better than the MD vers. Colors seem more vibrant too.


MD vers. Although the main board is graphically inferior than the PC-Engine vers. , bonus stages are infinitely better!

Review - Sequel of Naxat's Alien Crash, this time the game is simply great with its amazing main board which is even more attractive than its Megadrive counterpart. The bonus stages are especially fun to play, although they look better on mega drive.

Bottom line: probably the best pinball game on pc engine....9/10











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