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Dead Moon [Hyper Shooting]

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: studio ducks / t.s.s. - publisher: t.s.s. - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon


Blazing fast side-scrolling shmup


Fast-paced shmup, simple yet rewarding





Review - Shooters…the great thing about them is that they are a dead and maybe dated genre but paradoxically, because of this they manage to stay fresh throughout the ages.

Xbox 360 is out? And so what?! If you like shoot'em ups, this game right here will be good enough for you to spend an evening or two on it, to measure yourself up against those nasty aliens who crash-landed on our beloved satellite, the moon.

Dead Moon runs on Hucard, with all the limitations that that should entail. But believe me, you won't even notice it! Be it the amazingly good-looking graphics which sport a clean, tight look or be it for the cool music or the essential purity of gameplay, this game is another one of those land marks in the PCE library. I don't care if nobody heard about it or if this game came out last century. It is good and challenging!

Graphically, each of the 6 levels is very well drawn The scrolling is fast, your ship is even faster and there are layers and layers of incredible-looking parallax scrolling. To be honest though, occasionally some slow down occurs but it is negligible as it only happens rarely. Levels are varied, they are fairly long and enemy formations will attack you so swiftly that you will hardly ever have the time to relax. Mid-bosses will often put up a certain challenge so make sure not to waste all your precious smart bombs on them, because you'll need some serious artillery at hand for those skeletal end-of-level bosses.

Gameplay is, as I said before, simple but yet rewarding. You have one button for shooting and one for dropping smart bombs like a maniac. You can collect a main weapon (among 4 available) and either side-missiles or satellites for some handy cover. The main weapons and the auxiliary weapons can both be powered up, which is a neat thing. In the end, I had a great time playing this little gem of a shooter. Games of this kind are just perfect for when you need to unleash some destruction after a busy day at work!

Oh and by the way, if you ever wondered if there was water on the moon, play this game and you'll have the answer :)

Bottom line: a solid little shmup....7/10










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