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Ai Cho Aniki

version: jp - year: 1995 - developer: masaya - publisher: ncs - format: pc engine, cdrom - condition: near mint, w/o spine - rarity: uncommon


The intro is the same in both Cho Aniki and Ai Cho Aniki


Level 1 boss is a naked man in a flying bathtub. Adam's first appearance is memorable :)


and here comes the floating snowman in a G-string from outer space


what happens when you harass a pretty girl in a disco? Ai Cho Aniki got the asnwer

Review - Ai Cho Aniki is the sequel of Cho Aniki and whereas in the first game you controlled either Idaten or Benten and Adon and Samson where used as satellites, now in this sequel you play as Adon or Samson.

Ai Cho Aniki is significantly different from the 1st game. Graphically, there is a further improvement as backgrounds are even more colorful and detailed than before while parallax scrolling works even better. The psychedelic Fantasy / Cyberpunk theme has been retained and this time around, the main sprites are huge and well detailed, not to mention enemies and bosses that look even more impressive.

The music is in the same vein as in the prequel and this is certainly a good thing.

Gameplay has been altered a lot as it is a hybrid between a fighting game where you have to perform moves Street Fighter-style (up-down then fire or back-front then fire for example). This means that Ai Cho Aniki's gameplay isn't as straightforward as in a regular shooter. Initially, I hated the new play mechanics but after a half-hour play, I got used to the weird controls as I learned to use the regular homing shot for small enemy waves and special moves for more powerful enemies.

To conclude, this game is a worthy sequel and another killer application for the PCE. Thank you Masaya!

Bottom line: an unusual shooter, with a different gimmick...8/10











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