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Terra Cresta II

version: jp - year: 1992 - developer: nichibutsu - publisher: nichibutsu - format: pc engine, hucard - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - I was never a fan of either Moon Cresta or the first Terra Cresta and I have to say that this Terra Cresta II is actually similar to Terra Cresta, but it is also a lot better.

It was directly released on PC Engine (no coin op was ever made of this sequel) and it doesn’t look as primitive as the first Terra Cresta.

Levels are more varied and in general, the concept of transforming into an invincible fire bird like in Konami's Crisis Force is just cool.

The power up system is unique and works great once you know how to use it. As your ship acquires extra modules which can be configured in various ways around your ship, you will suddenly realize that some enemies and section can be very easy if you configure the spread of your modules properly. I believe this is really the strong point of the Terra Cresta series in general and I can clearly see now where Hybris on the Amiga took inspiration from.

The game runs on Hucard so it tends to be bare bone in terms of presentation, but what is there is good and overall satisfying, with a cool last boss to deal with.

Bottom line:
An overall decent effort for one of the lesser known shoot'em up series out there. 7/10










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